Australian Aths History

Australian Junior Track & Field Championships


Year Location Men Women
U18/19 U20 U18 U20
1957-58 Sydney     U181  
1959-60 Hobart     U18  
1961-62 Adelaide     U18  
1962-63 Adelaide/Brisbane U192   U18  
1963-64 Melbourne/Melbourne U19   U18  
1964-65 Hobart/Perth U19   U18  
1965-66 Perth/Sydney U19   U18  
1966-67 Adelaide/Hobart U19   U18  
1967-68 Sydney/Adelaide U19   U18  
1968-69 Melbourne/Brisbane U19   U18  
1969-70 Adelaide/Melbourne U19   U18  
1970-71 Brisbane/Sydney U19   U18  
1971-72 Perth U19   U18  
1972-73 Sydney/Hobart U19   U18  
1973-74 Melbourne/Adelaide U19   U18  
1974-75 Adelaide/Brisbane U19   U18  
1975-76 Melbourne U19   U18  
1976-77 Hobart/Sydney U19   U18  
1977-78 Brisbane U19   U18  
1978-79 Perth U19   U18  
1979-80 Sydney U19   U18  
1980-81 Adelaide U19   U18  
1981-82 Brisbane U19   U18  
1982-83 Melbourne   U203   U204
1983-84 Melbourne   U20   U20
1984-85 Canberra   U20   U20
1985-86 Adelaide   U20   U20
1986-87 Sydney   U20   U20
1987-88 Perth   U20   U20
1988-89 Brisbane   U20   U20
1989-90 Melbourne   U20   U20
1990-91 Sydney   U20   U20
1991-92 Adelaide   U20   U20
1992-93 Brisbane   U20   U20
1993-94 Sydney   U20   U20
1994-95 Sydney   U20   U20
1995-96 Sydney/Melbourne U18 U20 U18 U20
1996-97 Melbourne/Brisbane U18 U20 U18 U20
1997-98 Melbourne/Adelaide U18 U20 U18 U20
1998-995 Melbourne/Perth U18 U20 U18 U20
1999-00 Sydney/Hobart U18 U206 U18 U20
2000-01 Brisbane/Bendigo U18 U20 U18 U20
2001-02 Brisbane/Adelaide U18 U20 U18 U20
2002-03 Brisbane/Sydney U18 U20 U18 U20
2003-04 Sydney/Canberra U18 U20 U18 U20
2004-05 Brisbane not held U20 not held U20
2005-06 Adelaide not held U20 not held U20
2006-07 Hobart not held U20 not held U20
2007-08 Gold Coast not held U20 not held U20
2008-09 Adelaide not held U20 not held U20
2009-10 Sydney U18 U20 U18 U20
2010-11 Sydney U18 U20 U18 U20
2011-12 Sydney U18 U20 U18 U20
2012-13 Perth U18 U20 U18 U20
2013-14 Sydney U18 U20 U18 U20
2014-15 Sydney U18 U20 U18 U20
2015-16 Perth U18 U20 U18 U20
2016-17 Sydney U18 U20 U18 U20
2017-18 Sydney U18 U20 U18 U20
2018-19 Sydney U18 U20 U18 U20


1   1958:  Inaugural Women's Championships (U18 on day of competition)
2 1963: Inaugural Men's Championships (U19 on day of competition)
3   1983: Men's age group changed from U19 to U20 (on day of competition & weights & measures changed to open men).
The sub-junior (Under 17) was changed to  U18 and a new Under 16 group was added though these are not included above.
4   1983: Women's U20 (on day of competition) age group added and this new under 20 group is considered "Junior" from 1983 for the purposes of these results. The former sub-junior (Under 15) was change to Under 16. U18 (from 1983) and Under 16 are not included above.
5   1999: All age groups changed to be the athlete age at 31 December in the year of the competition.
6   2000: Specifications changed to new specifications (formerly were the same as the open men):
110m Hurdles to 99.1cm
Shot Put to 6kg
Discus Throw to 1.75kg
Hammer Throw to 6kg 

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