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Australian Road Walks Championships 2002

The 20km events were conducted in conjunction with the Australian Track and Field Championships at ANZ Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland on 14 April 2002.

The Women's 10km and Men's 30km were held at Park Road, Nowra, NSW on 18 August 2002

The 50km was conducted in Melbourne at Albert Park on 5 May 2002

10KM ROAD WALK - Women - Sunday 18 August 2002
1Claire WoodsSA48:13
2Karen FoanCAN49:08
3Wendy MuldoonVIC50:55
4Claire BockQLD52:06
5Justijana Tonti-FilippiniVIC57:13
6Nardene LovedayVIC58:30
7Nicolle MitchellNSW60:00
8Renee CassellNSW61:04
9Anne WeekesNSW62:08
10Jodie SundstromNSW74:56
-Cheryl WebbNSWDQ
-Lyn VentrisWADQ
20KM ROAD WALK - Women - Sunday 14 April 2002
1Jane Saville74NSW1:34.18
2Natalie Saville78NSW1:36.22
3Simone Wolowiec74VIC1:38.21
4Gabrielle Gorst64NZL1:40.45
5Claire Woods81AIS1:43.56
6Karen Foan79CAN1:45.06
7Wendy Muldoon71VIC1:45.53
8Tracy Rosengrave77VIC1:49.02
9Roisin Gleich81VIC1:49.42
10Claire Bock82QLD1:56.58
11Judy Moller53QLD2:07.10
-Lyn Ventris56WADNF
-Megan Peters77VICDNF
-Cheryl Webb76AISDQ
20KM ROAD WALK - Men - Sunday 14 April 2002
1Nathan Deakes77VIC1:23.36
2Luke Adams76NSW1:23.56
3Darren Bown74SA1:27.34
4Duane Cousins73VIC1:28.44
5Liam Murphy79SA1:30.24
6Frank Bertei66VIC1:34.43
6Brent Vallance72NSW1:34.43
8Christopher Erickson81VIC1:41.59
9Shane Pearson72QLD1:42.39
10Ignacio Jimenez65QLD1:44.31
11Michael Beaton-Wells68VIC1:45.48
12Peter Bennett55QLD1:46.47
13Daniel Lowe75WA1:56.30
14Robert Osborne55NSW1:58.51
-Brad Malcolm78VICDNF
-Troy Sundstrom81NSWDNF
-Daniel Thorne79VICDQ
30KM ROAD WALK - Men - Sunday 18 August 2002
1Darren BownSA2:15.59
2Frank BerteiVIC2:32.50
3Robert OsborneNSW3:16.55
-Troy SundstromNSWDQ
50KM ROAD WALK - Men - Sunday 5 May 2002
1Liam MurphySA3:55:20
2Duane CousinsVIC3:59:27
3Luke AdamsNSW4:04:03
4Darren BownSA4:12:53
5Frank BertieVIC4:19:28
6Michael HarveyVIC4:42:10
-Richard EversonSADNF
-Nathan DeakesVICDNS


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