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Results by Event - High Jump - Women

World Championships

Rank   Name   Result   Year  
8/30   Eleanor PATTERSON (Vic)   Qual 1.92m; Final 8th 1.92m   2015  
9/32   Vanessa WARD (WA)   Qual 1.87; Final 9th 1.88   1983  
10/28   Vanessa WARD (WA)   Qual 1.88m; Final 10th 1.90m   1991  
11/28   Alison INVERARITY (WA)   Qual 1.90m; Final 11th 1.87m   1991  
17/33   Petrina PRICE (NSW)   Qual 1.89m DNQ   2009  
24/36   Alison INVERARITY (WA)   Qual 1.85m DNQ   1995  
  Christine 'Chris' STANTON (Annison) (WA)   Qual DNQ 1.80m   1983  
  Christine 'Chris' STANTON (Annison) (WA)   Qual DNQ 1.88m   1987  
  Gai KAPERNICK (Qld)   Did not compete   1991  


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