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World Student Games (Universiade)

Rank   Name   Result   Year  
3/32   Naa ANANG (Qld)   Qual 6.29m(+0.1); Final 3rd 6.55m(+1.3)   2015  
4/23   Kerrie PERKINS (Taurima) (ACT)   Qual 6.25m(+0.8); Final 4th 6.37m(+0.8)   2003  
5/28   Jacinta BOYD (Qld)   Qual 6.25m(-0.4); Final 5th 6.38m(+0.5)   2009  
6/33   Lauren WELLS (Boden) (ACT)   Qual 6.33m(+0.1); Final 6th 6.40m(-0.1)   2007  
8/23   Kym BURNS (Vic)   Qual 5.97m(-0.4); Final 8th 6.09m(-0.1)   1997  
9/31   Jessica PENNEY (ACT/NZL)   Qual 6.30m(+0.1); Final 9th 6.25m(+0.2)   2013  
11/23   Vicky PIGGIN (NSW)   Qual 5.97m(+0.2); Final 11th 5.99m(0.0)   1997  
17/23   Shermin OKSUZ (WA)   Qual 5.84m(+0.9) DNQ   2003  
24/35   Kerrie PERKINS (Taurima) (ACT)   Qual 5.72m (+1.4) DNQ   1999  
  Kym BURNS (Vic)   Qual DNQ 6.03m(+2.2)   1993  


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