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Results by Event - High Jump - Men

Olympic Games

Rank   Name   Result   Year  
1/26   John WINTER (WA)   Qual 1.87m; Final 1st 1.98m   1948  
2/32   Charles 'Chilla' PORTER (Qld)   Qual 1.92m; Final 2nd 2.10m   1956  
3/43   Timothy 'Tim' FORSYTH (Vic)   Qual 2.26m; Final =3rd 2.34m   1992  
7/32   Colin RIDGEWAY (Vic)   Qual 1.92m; Final =7th 2.00m   1956  
7/38   Timothy 'Tim' FORSYTH (Vic)   Qual 2.28m; Final 7th 2.32m   1996  
8/39   Lawrence 'Lawrie' PECKHAM (Vic)   Qual 2.14m; Final 8th 2.12m   1968  
10/29   Lawrence 'Lawrie' PECKHAM (Vic)   Qual 2.06m; Final 10th 2.09m   1964  
12/40   John 'Jack' METCALFE (NSW)   =12th 1.85m   1936  
13/29   Anthony 'Tony' SNEAZWELL (Vic)   Qual 2.06m; Final 13th 2.06m   1964  
13/30   John ATKINSON (Qld)   Qual DNQ 2.21m   1984  
14/36   Timothy 'Tim' FORSYTH (Vic)   Qual 2.24m DNQ   2000  
15/43   Brandon STARC (NSW)   Qual 2.29m; Final 15th 2.20m   2016  
18/32   Charles 'Chilla' PORTER (Qld)   Qual DNQ 1.95m   1960  
18/40   Lawrence 'Lawrie' PECKHAM (Vic)   Qual 2.15m; Final 18th 2.10m   1972  
19/43   Lochsley THOMSON (NSW)   Qual DNQ 2.20m   1992  
24/32   John VERNON (Vic)   Qual DNQ 1.82m (withdrew injured)   1956  
24/36   Patrick LEANE (Vic)   Qual 1.86m; Final =24th 1.80m   1952  
27/38   Christopher 'Chris' ANDERSON (WA)   Qual 2.15m DNQ   1996  
31/43   David ANDERSON (WA)   Qual DNQ 2.15m   1992  
41/43   Joel BADEN (Vic)   Qual 2.17m DNQ   2016  
  Anthony 'Tony' SNEAZWELL (Vic)   Qual DNQ 2.06m   1968  
  Peter BOYCE (Vic)   Qual DNQ 2.06m   1968  
  Peter MULLINS (NSW)   Did not compete   1948  
  Theodore 'Bill' BRUCE (SA)   Did not compete   1948  


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