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Olympic Games - 1928       Amsterdam, Holland (29 Jul - 5 Aug)
Games of the IX Olympiad      

Men   Event   Position   Result
James 'Jim' CARLTON (NSW)    100 metres     Ht11 2nd 11.1; QF5 4th 11.0
    200 metres   14/58   Ht3 2nd 22.8; QF6 4th 22.0
Walter HARRISON (Qld)    Long Jump     Did not compete (Appeared on start lists but not selected or acknowledged by AOF)
George HYDE (Vic)    1500 metres     Ht1 6th Time unknown
    5,000 metres     Ht2 11th Time unknown
    10,000 metres     Did not compete
Charles STUART (NSW)    400 metres     Ht14 4th Time unknown
    800 metres     Ht5 6th Time unknown
Alfred 'Alf' WATSON (Vic)    110 metres Hurdles     Ht8 3rd Time unknown
    400 metres Hurdles     Ht3 4th 57.8
William 'Tickle' WHYTE (Vic)    800 metres     Ht2 5th Time unknown
    1500 metres   8/43   Ht2 2nd 3:59.9; Final 8th 4:00.0
Anthony 'Nick' WINTER (NSW)    Long Jump     Did not compete
    Triple Jump   12/24   12th 14.15m
Women   Event   Position   Result
Edith ROBINSON (NSW)    100 metres     Ht1 2nd Time unknown; SF2 5th 13.0
    800 metres   25/25   Ht2 Did not finish (600m)

Overall Team Rank: 24 (1pt)
Men's Team Rank: 23

706 athletes participated from 40 countries


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