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World Mountain Running Trophy/Championships - 2005       Wellington, NZL (25 Sept)
21st Trophy      

Men   Event   Position   Result
Stephen BROWN (NSW)    Mountain Run (13,500m)   40/105   40th 60:11
Ben DU BOIS (NSW)    Mountain Run (13,500m)     DNF
Ben GUEST (NSW)    Junior Mountain Run (9,100m)   11/48   11th 40:03
Barry KEEM (NSW)    Mountain Run (13,500m)   45/105   45th 60:26
Kevin LAWS (NSW)    Mountain Run (13,500m)   88/105   88th 66:21
Scott MCTAGGART (ACT)    Mountain Run (13,500m)   28/105   28th 59:12
David OSMOND (ACT)    Mountain Run (13,500m)   75/105   75th 63:35
Scott TOMLINSON (ACT)    Junior Mountain Run (9,100m)   43/48   43rd 44:31
TEAM    Mountain Run (13,500m)   11/17   11th 188pts
Women   Event   Position   Result
Jackie FAIRWEATHER (Gallagher) (Qld)    Mountain Run (9,100m)   12/62   12th 44:34
Emma MURRAY (ACT)    Mountain Run (9,100m)   34/62   34th 47:04
Marnie PONTON (ACT)    Mountain Run (9,100m)   35/62   35th 47:14
Vivian POTT (Qld)    Mountain Run (9,100m)   11/62   11th 44:20
TEAM    Mountain Run (9,100m)   6/15   6th 57pts


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