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World Mountain Running Trophy/Championships - 2014       Casette di Massa, Italy (14 Sept)
30th Championship      

Men   Event   Position   Result
Bryce ANDERSON (ACT)    Junior Mountain Run (8.4km)   51/73   51st 53:04
Reuben CALEY (ACT)    Junior Mountain Run (8.4km)   27/73   27th 49:17
Michael CHAPMAN (ACT)    Mountain Run (11.7km)   112/158   112th 1:09:49
Alan CRAIGIE (ACT)    Mountain Run (11.7km)   107/158   107th 1:08:41
Ben DUFFUS (Qld)    Mountain Run (11.7km)   105/158   105th 1:08:35
Hamish WALLACE (NSW)    Junior Mountain Run (8.4km)   49/73   49th 52:44
Robin WHITELY (NSW)    Mountain Run (11.7km)   122/158   122nd 1:11:34
Nicholas WIGHTMAN (Vic)    Mountain Run (11.7km)   67/158   67th 1:04:09
TEAM    Junior Mountain Run (8.4km)   12/16   12th 127pts
    Mountain Run (11.7km)   17/23   17th 391pts
Women   Event   Position   Result
Gemma KENESSY (Vic)    Mountain Run (8.4km)   67/83   67th 1:01:45
Emma KRAFT (NT)    Mountain Run (8.4km)   81/83   81st 1:36:24
Kate SEIBOLD-CROSBIE (Seibold) (Vic)    Mountain Run (8.4km)   74/83   74th 1:05:28
Harriet SMITH (Qld)    Mountain Run (8.4km)   78/83   78th 1:08:38
TEAM    Mountain Run (8.4km)   16/16   16th 219pts


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