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World Student Cross Country - 2016       Cassion, Italy (12 Mar)
20th Championships      

Men   Event   Position   Result
Joe BURGESS (NSW)    Cross Country (10.7km)   58/75   58th 38:34
Ryan GEARD (Vic)    Cross Country (10.7km)   66/75   66th 41:01
Louis MCAFEE (Qld)    Cross Country (10.7km)   75/75   DNS
Women   Event   Position   Result
Danielle ALLEN (NSW)    Cross Country (6.2km)   7/50   7th 22:26
Rosie DONEGAN (Vic)    Cross Country (6.2km)   5/50   5th 22:12
Kate FITZSIMONS (WA)    Cross Country (6.2km)   33/50   33rd 24:02
Elese GALLEN (NSW)    Cross Country (6.2km)   37/50   37th 24:20
Coreen VAN DER KLOOSTER (Vic)    Cross Country (6.2km)   29/50   29th 23:50
TEAM    Cross Country (6.2km)   4/9   4th 41pts


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