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Australia at the Games

World Indoor Championships - 1997       Paris, France (7-9 Mar)
6th Championships      

Men   Event   Position   Result
Timothy 'Tim' FORSYTH (Vic)    High Jump   16/33   Qual 2.24m DNQ
Andrew MURPHY (NSW)    Triple Jump   5/26   Qual 16.83m; Final 5th 16.96m
Kyle VANDER-KUYP (Vic)    60 metres Hurdles   15/29   Ht3 3rd 7.73
Women   Event   Position   Result
Melinda GAINSFORD-TAYLOR (Gainsford) (NSW)    200 metres   18/28   Ht1 1st 23.13; SF3 Disqualified
Emma GEORGE (Vic)    Pole Vault   2/28   Qual 4.10m; Final 2nd 4.35m
Lauren HEWITT (Vic)    200 metres   14/28   Ht2 4th 23.74; SF1 6th 23.97

Overall Team Rank: 19 (7pts)
Men's Team Rank: 28 (2pts)
Women's Team Rank: 18 (5pts)

712 athletes participated from 118 countries


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