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World Cross Country Championships - 1985       Lisbon, Portugal (24 Mar)
13th Championships      

Men   Event   Position   Result
Kym ANDERSON (Vic)    Junior XC (8190m)   63/141   63rd 24:28.0
Gerard BARRETT (Qld)    Cross Country (12,190m)   226/298   226th
Ray BOYD (WA)    Junior XC (8190m)   55/141   55th 24:20.0
Garry BRIGGS (Qld)    Cross Country (12,190m)   43/298   43rd 34:39.0
Graham CLEWS (WA)    Cross Country (12,190m)   61/298   61st 34:56.0
Colin DALTON (NSW)    Junior XC (8190m)   46/141   46th 24:07.0
Francois 'Rob' DE CASTELLA (Vic)    Cross Country (12,190m)   20/298   20th 34:17.0
Nicholas 'Nick' DE CASTELLA (Vic)    Cross Country (12,190m)   206/298   206th
Anthony 'Tony' FORD (Qld)    Junior XC (8190m)   113/141   113th 25:46.0
Garry HENRY (Vic)    Cross Country (12,190m)   118/298   118th 35:27.0
Adam HOYLE (Vic)    Cross Country (12,190m)   209/298   209th
Andrew LLOYD (NSW)    Cross Country (12,190m)   93/298   93rd 35:19.0
Stuart MEE (ACT)    Junior XC (8190m)   62/141   62nd 24:25.0
Stephen 'Steve' MONEGHETTI (Vic)    Cross Country (12,190m)   101/298   101st 35:22.0
Mark SEWELL (NSW)    Junior XC (8190m)   68/141   68th 24:33.0
TEAM    Junior XC (8190m)   11   11th 226pts
    Cross Country (12,190m)   9   9th 436pts
Women   Event   Position   Result
Sharon DALTON (NSW)    Cross Country (4990m)   21/131   21st 15:56.0
Kerith DUNCANSON (NSW)    Cross Country (4990m)   70/131   70th 16:30.0
Anne LORD (Vic)    Cross Country (4990m)   98/131   98th 17:00.0
Jenny LUND (Green) (Qld)    Cross Country (4990m)   116/131   116th 17:46.0
Sally PIERSON (Vic)    Cross Country (4990m)   54/131   54th 16:20.0
Megan SLOANE (Pye) (Vic)    Cross Country (4990m)   83/131   83rd 16:46.0
TEAM    Cross Country (4990m)   13   13th 228pts

574 athletes participated from 50 countries


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