Australian Aths History

Australian Open Track & Field Championships

Pole Vault - Women

Year   First    Second    Third
1994-95    Emma GEORGE (Vic) 3.40m Tracey SHEPHERD (WA) 3.30m Andrea HOPKIN (WA) 3.10m
1995-96    Melissa HARRIS (NSW) 3.60m Melina HAMILTON (NZL) 3.60m
(4) Tracey SHEPHERD (WA) 3.50m
Sarelle VERKADE (NZL) 3.60m
(5) Christie ELWIN (SA) 3.50m
1996-97    Emma GEORGE (Vic) 4.30m Tracey SHEPHERD (WA) 3.80m Melina HAMILTON (NZL) 3.80m
(5) Christie ELWIN (SA) 3.70m
1997-98    Emma GEORGE (Vic) 4.58m Tatiana GRIGORIEVA (SA) 4.15m Rachael DACY (Vic) 3.90m
1998-99    Tatiana GRIGORIEVA (SA) 4.25m Kym HOWE (WA) 4.15m Rachael DACY (Vic) 4.00m
Bridgid ISWORTH (Vic) 4.00m
1999-00    Emma GEORGE (Vic) 4.40m Alejandra GARCIA (ARG) 4.20m
(3) Bridgid ISWORTH (Vic) 4.10m
(3) Tatiana GRIGORIEVA (SA) 4.10m
2000-01    Jenni DRYBURGH (NZL) 4.35m
(2) Tatiana GRIGORIEVA (SA) 4.25m

(3) Rachael DACY (Vic) 4.15m

(4) Kym HOWE (WA) 4.15m
2001-02    Tatiana GRIGORIEVA (SA) 4.44m Kym HOWE (WA) 4.32m Bridgid ISWORTH (Vic) 4.20m
2002-03    Melina HAMILTON (NZL) 4.20m
(2) Rosanna DITTON (Vic) 4.20m

(3) Tatiana GRIGORIEVA (SA) 4.10m

(4) Wendy YOUNG (SA) 4.00m
2003-04    Kym HOWE (WA) 4.40m Rosanna DITTON (Vic) 4.30m Melina HAMILTON (NZL) 4.15m
(4) Wendy YOUNG (SA) 4.00m
2004-05    Melina HAMILTON (NZL) 4.25m
(2) Katrina MIROSHNICHENKO (Qld) 4.10m

(3) Irie HILL (Vic/GBR) 4.05m

(4) Charmaine LUCOCK (Qld) 4.05m
(4) Alana BOYD (Qld) 4.05m
2005-06    Tatiana GRIGORIEVA (SA) 4.45m Vicky PARNOV (WA) 4.30m Melina HAMILTON (NZL) 4.25m
(4) Alana BOYD (Qld) 4.10m
(4) Rosanna DITTON (Vic) 4.10m
2006-07    Kym HOWE (WA) 4.55m Alana BOYD (Qld) 4.35m Rosanna DITTON (Vic) 4.20m
2007-08    Alana BOYD (Qld) 4.45m Vicky PARNOV (WA) 4.20m Rosanna DITTON (Vic) 4.20m
2008-09    Alana BOYD (Qld) 4.35m Amanda BISK (WA) 4.20m Vicky PARNOV (WA) 4.05m
Elizabeth PARNOV (WA) 4.05m
2009-10    Elizabeth PARNOV (WA) 4.40m Alana BOYD (Qld) 4.40m Amanda BISK (WA) 4.20m
2010-11    Charmaine LUCOCK (Qld) 4.15m Rebecca MARCHANT (Vic) 3.90m Ellen PEARCE (WA) 3.70m
Catherine MACRAE (Vic) 3.70m
2011-12    Vicky PARNOV (WA) 4.20m Nina KENNEDY (WA) 4.00m Pascale GACON (FRA) 3.90m
(4) Catherine MACRAE (Vic) 3.75m
2012-13    Alana BOYD (Qld) 4.30m Elizabeth PARNOV (WA) 4.20m Nina KENNEDY (WA) 4.00m
2013-14    Elizabeth PARNOV (WA) 4.20m Emma PHILIPPE (WA) 4.20m Jamie SCROOP (SA) 4.10m
2014-15    Alana BOYD (Qld) 4.60m Nina KENNEDY (WA) 4.20m Melissa GERGAL (USA) 4.20m
(4) Vicky PARNOV (WA) 4.20m
2015-16    Elizabeth PARNOV (WA) 4.30m Nina KENNEDY (WA) 4.20m Vicky PARNOV (WA) 4.10m
2016-17    Eliza MCCARTNEY (NZL) 4.50m
(2) Elizabeth PARNOV (WA) 4.30m

(4) Lisa CAMPBELL (Qld) 3.80m
Olivia MCTAGGART (NZL) 4.30m
(5) Jamie SCROOP (SA) 3.80m

The first three Australian athletes (as well as first three overall) are in the respective columns.
Rank in brackets ( ) indicate the overall rank of the Australian athlete where that athlete was beaten into that place by an international.


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