Australian Aths History

Australian Open Track & Field Championships

Shot Put - Women

Year   First    Second    Third
1932-33    Cora HANNAN (NSW) 30'4"(9.24m) Vera COWAN (Vic) 30'2 7/8"(9.21m) Pat JARRETT (Vic) 28'8"(8.74m)
1934-35    Vera COWAN (Vic) 31'3"(9.52m) Cora HANNAN (NSW) 30'9¼"(9.38m) Molly FARROW (Vic) 29'3"(8.915m)
1935-36    Vera COWAN (Vic) 32'11'(10.03m) Cora HANNAN (NSW) 30'3½"(9.23m) Eve MEREDITH (NSW) 29'7½"(9.03m)
1937-38    Vera COWAN (Vic) 33'1/8"(10.10m) Cora HANNAN (NSW) (9.73m) Phyllis ROWARTH (Vic) (9.05m)
1939-40    Cora HANNAN (NSW) 32'1½"(9.79m) Lena MITCHELL (Vic) (9.26m) Emma CLIFFORD (WA) (9.18m)
1947-48    Patricia LUCAS (NSW) 31'6½"(9.61m) Joan MORRISON (Vic) 9.43m Charlotte MACGIBBON-WEEKS (Vic) 8.89m
1949-50    Ann SHANLEY (SA) 33'1"(10.08m) Patricia LUCAS (NSW) 9.94m Joan MORRISON (Vic) 9.91m
1951-52    Val MELVILLE (Lawrence) (WA) 36'10½"(11.24m) Betty CANTLAY (Vic) 10.60m Joan MORRISON (Vic) 9.85m
1953-54    Val MELVILLE (Lawrence) (WA) 39'11"(12.16m) Mary BREEN (NSW) 10.81m Eunice HAWKES (NSW) 10.29m
1955-56    Mary BREEN (NSW) 34'9"(10.59m) Shirley COTTON (NSW) 10.22m Eunice HAWKES (NSW) 10.16m
1957-58    Margaret WOODLOCK (Vic) 39'10½"(12.16m) June ISSETT (Vic) 11.58m Mary BREEN (NSW) 11.04m
1959-60    Margaret WOODLOCK (Vic) 41'11¾"(13.10m) Mary BREEN (NSW) 12.05m Val MELVILLE (Lawrence) (WA) 12.04m
1961-62    Mary BREEN (NSW) 43'8¾"(13.33m) Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 12.23m Larraine HILLIER (Qld) 12.19m
1962-63    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 45'4½"(13.83m) Mary BREEN (NSW) 13.35m Larraine HILLIER (Qld) 12.61m
1963-64    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 47'1¼"(14.36m) Mary BREEN (NSW) 13.40m Rosslyn WILLIAMS (NSW) 12.76m
1964-65    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 45'0½"(13.73m) Jane KEEN (Adams) (NSW) 12.94m Janet RILEY (SA) 12.04m
1965-66    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 47'4½"(14.44m) Jane KEEN (Adams) (NSW) 14.17m Pat DEAN (NSW) 12.39m
1966-67    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 46'11¾"(14.31m) Lynne PARRY (Vic) 43'3½"(13.19m) Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 42'9¾"(13.04m)
1967-68    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 49'2½"(14.99m) Jane KEEN (Adams) (NSW) 47'0½"(14.33m) Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 45'6"(13.86m)
1968-69    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 47'8½"(14.54m) Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 44'2½"(13.47m) Janina RILEY (Hadjuczyk/Wojdanowska/Kennedy) (NSW) 41'3½"(12.58m)
1969-70    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 49'3"(15.01m) Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 48'8½"(14.84m) Janina RILEY (Hadjuczyk/Wojdanowska/Kennedy) (NSW) 43'4½"(13.22m)
1970-71    Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 48'8"(14.83m) Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 43'2¼"(13.16m) Dawn FIELD (Vic) 39'11½"(12.17m)
1971-72    Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 48'7½"(14.82m) Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 42'10¾"(13.07m) Janina RILEY (Hadjuczyk/Wojdanowska/Kennedy) (NSW) 40'7½"(12.38m)
1972-73    Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 13.50m Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 13.12m Sue DANSIE (SA) 12.51m
1973-74    Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 14.45m Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 13.61m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 13.49m
1974-75    Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 13.98m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 13.72m Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 13.20m
1975-76    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 13.19m Luigina TORSO (NSW) 13.11m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 13.05m
1976-77    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 14.85m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 13.99m Luigina TORSO (NSW) 13.88m
1977-78    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 17.32m Bev FRANCIS (Vic) 16.14m Luigina TORSO (NSW) 15.61m
1978-79    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 16.09m Bev FRANCIS (Vic) 15.41m Pat DONNELLY (Vic) 13.72m
1979-80    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 17.52m Bev FRANCIS (Vic) 15.45m Pat DONNELLY (Vic) 14.53m
1980-81    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 18.24m Bev FRANCIS (Vic) 16.00m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 14.62m
1981-82    Bev FRANCIS (Vic) 15.33m Jan MAXWELL (Bishop) (NZL) 15.13m
(3) Pat DONNELLY (Vic) 14.32m

(4) Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 14.28m
1982-83    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 18.70m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 15.47m Sue REINWALD (Vic) 14.65m
1983-84    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 17.64m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 15.75m Glenda HUGHES (NZL) 15.51m
(4) Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 14.57m
1984-85    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 17.81m Cong YUZHENG (CHN) 17.52m
(3) Sue REINWALD (Vic) 15.82m

(4) Michelle BANCROFT (NSW) 13.73m
1985-86    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 18.69m Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 16.81m Greta LARSEN (Tas) 14.27m
1986-87    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 18.52m Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 15.48m Jan MAXWELL (Bishop) (NZL) 15.01m
(4) Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 14.68m
1987-88    Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 17.27m Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 15.14m Nicole CARKEEK (Vic) 14.72m
1988-89    Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 16.05m Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 15.01m Jan MAXWELL (Bishop) (NZL) 14.61m
(4) Nicole CARKEEK (Vic) 14.52m
1989-90    Nicole CARKEEK (Vic) 15.32m Samantha COX (NSW) 14.77m Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 14.40m
1990-91    Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 16.24m Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 14.45m Jacqueline MEIER (NSW) 13.61m
1991-92    Christine KING (NZL) 15.58m
(2) Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 15.30m

(4) Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 14.98m
Aya SUZUKI (JPN) 15.10m
(5) Michelle HAAGE (NSW) 14.28m
1992-93    Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 16.30m Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 14.87m Kylie STANDING (NSW) 13.56m
1993-94    Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 16.08m Samantha COX (NSW) 15.67m Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 15.47m
1994-95    Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 14.87m Samantha COX (NSW) 14.68m Allison MCADAM (Vic) 14.33m
1995-96    Georgette REED (CAN) 16.39m
(2) Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 15.33m

(3) Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 15.29m

(4) Helen TOUSSIS (Qld) 14.79m
1996-97    Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 15.68m
(3) Helen TOUSSIS (Qld) 15.38m
Georgette REED (CAN) 15.54m
(4) Lisa PATTERSON (Qld) 15.08m

(5) Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 14.94m
1997-98    Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 16.96m
(2) Helen TOUSSIS (Qld) 15.97m

(3) Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 15.83m

(4) Hannah SCHNEIDER (NSW) 14.93m
1998-99    Tressa THOMPSON (USA) 17.86m
(4) Helen TOUSSIS (Qld) 14.65m
Amy PALMER (USA) 16.55m
(5) Hannah SCHNEIDER (NSW) 14.60m
Tania LUTTON-SENIOR (Senior) (NZL) 15.44m
(6) Katrina STEELE (NSW) 13.80m
1999-00    Helen TOUSSIS (Qld) 15.55m Sumi ICHIOKA (JPN) 15.25m
(4) Michelle HAAGE (NSW) 14.90m
Tania LUTTON-SENIOR (Senior) (NZL) 15.12m
(5) Katrina STEELE (NSW) 14.30m
2000-01    Yoko TOYONAGA (JPN) 15.97m
(2) Michelle HAAGE (NSW) 15.68m

(3) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 14.04m

(4) Melissa DELICH (WA) 13.32m
2001-02    Michelle HAAGE (NSW) 15.51m Ana POUHILA (TGA) 14.95m
(3) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 14.91m

(5) Belinda JOHNSON (NSW) 13.80m
2002-03    Sumi ICHIOKA (JPN) 16.61m
(3) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 14.65m
Ana POUHILA (TGA) 15.80m
(4) Belinda JOHNSON (NSW) 14.26m

(6) Rebecca NEILSEN (Vic) 12.69m
2003-04    Valerie VILI (Adams) (NZL) 18.96m
(2) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 15.42m

(3) Michelle HAAGE (NSW) 14.71m

(6) Belinda JOHNSON (NSW) 14.11m
2004-05    Valerie VILI (Adams) (NZL) 19.00m
(3) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 15.72m
Ana POUHILA (TGA) 16.21m
(4) Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 14.71m

(6) Gail MILLER (Vic) 12.94m
2005-06    Ana POUHILA (TGA) 16.43m
(2) Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 15.98m

(3) Gail MILLER (Vic) 14.42m

(4) Joanne MIRTSCHIN (Qld) 14.36m
2006-07    Ana POUHILA (TGA) 16.17m
(2) Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 16.17m

(3) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 13.87m

(4) Joanne MIRTSCHIN (Qld) 13.74m
2007-08    Valerie VILI (Adams) (NZL) 19.54m
(3) Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 14.94m
Ana POUHILA (TGA) 17.06m
(4) Lomana FAGATUAI (NSW) 14.57m

(5) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 14.30m
2008-09    Valerie VILI (Adams) (NZL) 20.22m
(3) Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 16.30m
Ana POUHILA (TGA) 16.94m
(4) Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 15.03m

(5) Lomana FAGATUAI (NSW) 14.59m
2009-10    Joanne MIRTSCHIN (Qld) 15.64m Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 15.08m Margaret SATUPAI (Vic/SAM) 14.90m
2010-11    Margaret SATUPAI (Vic/SAM) 15.86m Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 14.31m Lomana FAGATUAI (NSW) 14.05m
2011-12    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 16.65m Ana POUHILA (TGA) 15.97m
(4) Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 15.03m
Margaret SATUPAI (Vic/SAM) 15.92m
(5) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 14.86m
2012-13    Terina KEENAN (NZL) 15.75m
(3) Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 14.99m
Yukiko SHIRAI (JPN) 15.17m
(4) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 14.19m

(5) Morgan VOSILLA (NSW) 13.77m
2013-14    Terina KEENAN (NZL) 15.59m
(2) Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 15.00m

(3) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 14.93m

(4) Christie BAKER (Chamberlain) (NSW) 14.59m
2014-15    Chelsea LENARDUZZI (NSW) 15.27m Terina KEENAN (NZL) 15.16m
(4) Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 14.25m
Chiaki YOKOMIZO (JPN) 15.11m
(5) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 13.96m
2015-16    Chelsea LENARDUZZI (NSW) 15.41m Christie BAKER (Chamberlain) (NSW) 14.54m Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 14.24m
2016-17    Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 14.56m Siiva TAFITI (Qld) 14.23m Brianna BORTOLANZA (Qld) 14.21m

The first three Australian athletes (as well as first three overall) are in the respective columns.
Rank in brackets ( ) indicate the overall rank of the Australian athlete where that athlete was beaten into that place by an international.


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