Australian Aths History

Australian Open Track & Field Championships

Discus Throw - Women

Year   First    Second    Third
1932-33    Cora HANNAN (NSW) 91'8¼"(27.94m) Biddie CLARK (Qld) 84'0½"(25.62m) Edna BIDDLE (Vic) 83'6"(25.46m)
1934-35    Cora HANNAN (NSW) 97'5¼"(29.71m) Clare SMITH (Qld) 92'5½"(28.19m) Doris CARTER (Vic) 90'10"(27.68m)
1935-36    Doris CARTER (Vic) 100'11½"(30.77m) Mabel GRAY (Qld) 95'7¾"(29.15m) Cora HANNAN (NSW) 92'1"(28.065m)
1937-38    Cora HANNAN (NSW) 100'11¾"(30.77m) Doris CARTER (Vic) (29.54m) Enid EVANS (NSW) (23.34m)
1939-40    Doris CARTER (Vic) 106'9¾"(32.55m) Emma CLIFFORD (WA) (31.82m) Cora HANNAN (NSW) (31.62m)
1947-48    Charlotte MACGIBBON-WEEKS (Vic) 110'11"(33.82m) Joan MORRISON (Vic) 27.86m Joy BRADBURN (NSW) 27.64m
1949-50    Charlotte MACGIBBON-WEEKS (Vic) 101'5"(30.92m) Vera PEPPER (Askew) (Qld) 30.85m Joy BRADBURN (NSW) 30.56m
1951-52    Jeanette JOY (Vic) 112'2"(34.19m) Shirley SMITH (NSW) 32.78m Elizabeth ENGEL (Vic) 30.50m
1953-54    Lorraine MURPHY (Vic) 121'7½"(37.07m) Shirley SMITH (NSW) 36.56m Val MELVILLE (Lawrence) (WA) 35.53m
1955-56    Lois JACKMAN (WA) 125'6½"(38.27m) Shirley COTTON (NSW) 37.23m Mary BREEN (NSW) 35.56m
1957-58    Lois JACKMAN (WA) 135'6"(41.30m) Shirley COTTON (NSW) 41.05m Evelyn SERICO (Vic) 38.25m
1959-60    Isabel DE NEEFE (Vic) 151'7"(46.20m) Lois JACKMAN (WA) 42.15m Shirley COTTON (NSW) 40.62m
1961-62    Rosslyn WILLIAMS (NSW) 149'6"(45.90m) Mary BREEN (NSW) 45.79m Lois JACKMAN (WA) 44.08m
1962-63    Mary MCDONALD (NSW) 148'10"(45.36m) Rosslyn WILLIAMS (NSW) 44.67m Mary BREEN (NSW) 43.36m
1963-64    Mary MCDONALD (NSW) 150'8½"(45.92m) Rosslyn WILLIAMS (NSW) 43.80m Mary BREEN (NSW) 43.36m
1964-65    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 146'7½"(44.69m) Mary BREEN (NSW) 41.66m Jane KEEN (Adams) (NSW) 41.03m
1965-66    Jane KEEN (Adams) (NSW) 148'11"(45.39m) Jean ROBERTS (Vic) ??(47.60m) Hilda ATKINS (NSW) ??(45.02m)
1966-67    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 156'5"(47.67m) Pamela WOOD (Vic) 141'0"(42.97m) Suzanne FIELD (Qld) 131'2"(39.97m)
1967-68    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 167'2"(50.95m) Jane KEEN (Adams) (NSW) 161'3"(49.14m) Sue CULLEY (NSW) 155'5"(47.37m)
1968-69    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 165'5"(50.41m) Sue CULLEY (NSW) 150'0"(45.72m) Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 146'2"(44.55m)
1969-70    Jean ROBERTS (Vic) 166'6"(50.74m) Sue CULLEY (NSW) 158'9"(48.38m) Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 155'1"(47.26m)
1970-71    Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 158'8"(48.36m) Sue CULLEY (NSW) 158'7"(48.33m) Hilda ATKINS (NSW) 151'7"(46.20m)
1971-72    Sue CULLEY (NSW) 162'6"(49.53m) Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 154'0"(46.93m) Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 142'5"(43.40m)
1972-73    Sue CULLEY (NSW) 43.48m Jane KEEN (Adams) (NSW) 43.48m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 42.98m
1973-74    Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 45.30m Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 44.90m Sue CULLEY (NSW) 44.86m
1974-75    Anne LAURENS (Karner) (Vic) 48.96m Denise ASHFORD (NSW) 48.20m Sue CULLEY (NSW) 47.98m
1975-76    Denise ASHFORD (NSW) 48.22m Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 43.08m Luigina TORSO (NSW) 42.14m
1976-77    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 53.48m Denise ASHFORD (NSW) 51.12m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 47.06m
1977-78    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 58.08m Luigina TORSO (NSW) 50.72m Gail HENDERSON (Qld) 47.92m
1978-79    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 57.30m Sally PENSON (SA) 44.80m Lorraine LAYTON (WA) 44.48m
1979-80    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 56.94m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 48.74m Jenny CONNELLAN (Qld) 44.20m
1980-81    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 60.92m Andrina ROVIS-HERMAN (WA) 47.14m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 46.10m
1981-82    Andrina ROVIS-HERMAN (WA) 48.76m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 44.48m Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 44.28m
1982-83    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 59.94m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 48.94m Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 47.96m
1983-84    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 55.98m Christine SCHULTZ (Vic) 48.38m Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 48.08m
1984-85    Sue REINWALD (Vic) 55.38m Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 53.20m Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 50.40m
1985-86    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 57.14m Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 50.20m Sally PENSON (SA) 48.74m
1986-87    Gael MARTIN (Mulhall) (Vic) 57.30m Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 50.68m Heidi WITTESCH (SA) 47.32m
1987-88    Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 54.44m Vanessa FRENCH (WA) 49.48m Rochelle SUTTON (Vic) 45.70m
1988-89    Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 66.78m Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 55.94m Astra VITOLS (Etienne) (Vic) 54.54m
1989-90    Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 59.60m Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 54.72m Marie Christine FAKATE (FRA) 51.04m
(4) Felicity JOHNSTON (NSW) 48.92m
1990-91    Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 64.68m Jeanette PARK (NZL) 49.46m
(3) Felicity JOHNSTON (NSW) 49.28m

(4) Jacqueline MEIER (NSW) 43.92m
1991-92    Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 63.86m Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 52.52m Ikuko KITAMURI (JPN) 52.26m
(6) Christy THIEL (Mara) (NSW) 48.30m
1992-93    Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 62.82m Felicity JOHNSTON (NSW) 51.18m Alison LEVER (Qld) 50.38m
1993-94    Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 65.38m Alison LEVER (Qld) 56.54m Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 55.42m
1994-95    Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 61.76m Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 53.94m Monique NACSA (Qld) 51.04m
1995-96    Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 61.86m Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 60.98m
(3) Daniela COSTIAN (Qld) 60.04m

(4) Alison LEVER (Qld) 55.64m
1996-97    Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 68.28m
(2) Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 65.86m

(3) Alison LEVER (Qld) 53.40m

(4) Monique NACSA (Qld) 53.16m
1997-98    Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 63.80m
(2) Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 61.41m

(3) Alison LEVER (Qld) 53.90m

(4) Katrina STEELE (NSW) 53.57m
1998-99    Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 61.72m Alison LEVER (Qld) 60.92m Aretha HILL (USA) 57.75m
(5) Katrina STEELE (NSW) 53.86m
1999-00    Alison LEVER (Qld) 63.73m Lisa-Marie VIZANIARI (ACT) 62.71m Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 62.68m
(4) Monique NACSA (Qld) 56.61m
2000-01    Alison LEVER (Qld) 59.74m Monique NACSA (Qld) 55.00m Christy THIEL (Mara) (NSW) 53.68m
2001-02    Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 63.41m
(2) Alison LEVER (Qld) 60.29m

(3) Monique NACSA (Qld) 57.24m

(4) Debbie PICKERSGILL (Qld) 52.20m
2002-03    Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 63.36m
(2) Debbie PICKERSGILL (Qld) 58.92m

(3) Monique NACSA (Qld) 53.70m

(5) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 51.67m
2003-04    Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 63.44m
(2) Debbie PICKERSGILL (Qld) 56.37m

(3) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 56.16m

(4) Monique NACSA (Qld) 54.56m
2004-05    Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 60.79m
(2) Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 55.78m

(3) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 54.03m

(4) Monique NACSA (Qld) 52.57m
2005-06    Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 60.30m
(2) Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 56.67m

(3) Monique NACSA (Qld) 52.71m

(6) Annabel THOMSON (NSW) 48.56m
2006-07    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 60.40m Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 58.02m
(3) Monique NACSA (Qld) 53.97m

(4) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 50.34m
2007-08    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 62.95m Beatrice FAUMUINA (NZL) 59.27m
(3) Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 51.60m

(4) Monique NACSA (Qld) 51.23m
2008-09    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 60.05m Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 52.18m Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 49.63m
2009-10    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 63.61m Calista LYON (Vic) 54.25m Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 52.51m
2010-11    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 61.79m Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 53.61m Margaret SATUPAI (Vic/SAM) 49.20m
2011-12    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 62.34m Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 56.02m Alifatou DJIBRIL (SA/TGA) 52.74m
2012-13    Terina KEENAN (NZL) 55.97m
(2) Alix KENNEDY (NSW) 55.76m

(4) Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 53.17m
Siositina HAKEAI (NZL) 55.06m
(5) Taryn GOLLSHEWSKY (Qld) 51.82m
2013-14    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 66.81m Siositina HAKEAI (NZL) 55.77m
(3) Taryn GOLLSHEWSKY (Qld) 53.66m

(4) Christie BAKER (Chamberlain) (NSW) 53.15m
2014-15    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 64.44m Taryn GOLLSHEWSKY (Qld) 55.85m Christie BAKER (Chamberlain) (NSW) 53.91m
2015-16    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 63.44m Taryn GOLLSHEWSKY (Qld) 58.71m Siositina HAKEAI (NZL) 56.97m
(6) Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 52.82m
2016-17    Dani STEVENS (Samuels) (NSW) 65.07m Taryn GOLLSHEWSKY (Qld) 57.05m Kimberly MULHALL (Vic) 54.17m

The first three Australian athletes (as well as first three overall) are in the respective columns.
Rank in brackets ( ) indicate the overall rank of the Australian athlete where that athlete was beaten into that place by an international.


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