Australian Aths History

Australian Open Track & Field Championships

Hammer Throw - Women

Year   First    Second    Third
1986-87    Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 40.18m Joanne CAPPER (NSW) 38.14m Norma DANN (NSW) 36.24m
1987-88    Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 45.78m Norma DANN (NSW) 37.90m
1988-89    Joanne CAPPER (NSW) 41.62m Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 41.60m Kathleen WALTON (Qld) 39.56m
1989-90    Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 49.52m Kathleen WALTON (Qld) 42.34m Joanne CAPPER (NSW) 41.82m
1990-91    Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 48.44m Denise PASSMORE (Vic) 47.78m Kathleen WALTON (Qld) 46.24m
1991-92    Aya SUZUKI (JPN) 58.66m
(2) Debbie SOSIMENKO (NSW) 49.80m

(3) Denise PASSMORE (Vic) 49.56m

(4) Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 48.16m
1992-93    Debbie SOSIMENKO (NSW) 57.58m Bernadette SERONE (NSW) 49.28m Denise PASSMORE (Vic) 49.26m
1993-94    Debbie SOSIMENKO (NSW) 60.84m Denise PASSMORE (Vic) 53.62m Kathleen WALTON (Qld) 49.24m
1994-95    Debbie SOSIMENKO (NSW) 63.22m Brenda MACNAUGHTON (NSW) 56.76m Denise PASSMORE (Vic) 56.44m
1995-96    Olga KUZENKOVA (RUS) 64.38m
(2) Debbie SOSIMENKO (NSW) 59.50m

(4) Denise PASSMORE (Vic) 57.30m
Aya SUZUKI (JPN) 58.86m
(5) Brenda MACNAUGHTON (NSW) 55.96m
1996-97    Debbie SOSIMENKO (NSW) 65.68m Brenda MACNAUGHTON (NSW) 59.36m Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 57.96m
1997-98    Debbie SOSIMENKO (NSW) 66.72m Brenda MACNAUGHTON (NSW) 62.49m Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 60.69m
1998-99    Debbie SOSIMENKO (NSW) 62.77m Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 62.59m Amy PALMER (USA) 61.89m
(5) Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 60.29m
1999-00    Lisa MISIPEKA (ASA) 63.90m
(3) Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 62.77m
Tasha WILLIAMS (NZL) 63.34m
(4) Brooke BILLETT (Krueger) (SA) 61.89m

(5) Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 61.43m
2000-01    Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 66.58m Tasha WILLIAMS (NZL) 63.92m
(3) Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 61.74m

(6) Nicole ROBERTSON (NSW) 54.91m
2001-02    Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 69.65m Brooke BILLETT (Krueger) (SA) 66.11m Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 65.71m
2002-03    Brooke BILLETT (Krueger) (SA) 66.41m Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 65.85m Debbie SOSIMENKO (NSW) 62.87m
2003-04    Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 67.92m Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 65.17m Brooke BILLETT (Krueger) (SA) 63.07m
2004-05    Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 65.43m Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 64.35m Gabrielle NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 59.76m
2005-06    Brooke BILLETT (Krueger) (SA) 70.72m Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 64.86m Gabrielle NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 63.48m
2006-07    Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 61.53m Gabrielle NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 59.87m Sharyn ANGEL (Qld) 58.58m
2007-08    Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 63.65m Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 60.08m Gabrielle NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 58.37m
2008-09    Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 61.75m Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 61.70m Gabrielle NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 60.89m
2009-10    Gabrielle NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 64.80m Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 63.74m Karyne DI MARCO (Perkins) (NSW) 63.13m
2010-11    Gabrielle NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 64.26m Bronwyn EAGLES (NSW) 59.99m Natalie DEBELJUH (Vic) 58.02m
2011-12    Gabrielle NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 66.20m Odette LA FOURCADE (CHI) 57.73m
(3) Natalie DEBELJUH (Vic) 57.72m

(4) Erin PETROVIC (NSW) 55.46m
2012-13    Lara NIELSEN (Qld) 58.25m Danielle MCCONNELL (Tas) 57.00m Natalie DEBELJUH (Vic) 56.30m
2013-14    Lara NIELSEN (Qld) 63.11m Gabrielle NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 62.47m Alexandra HULLEY (NSW) 59.43m
2014-15    Lara NIELSEN (Qld) 66.37m Alexandra HULLEY (NSW) 63.61m Kaysanne HOCKEY (Qld) 59.13m
2015-16    Akane WATANABE (JPN) 66.24m
(2) Lara NIELSEN (Qld) 65.33m

(3) Alexandra HULLEY (NSW) 63.19m

(4) Kaysanne HOCKEY (Qld) 58.96m
2016-17    Lara NIELSEN (Qld) 66.31m Alexandra HULLEY (NSW) 64.25m Akane WATANABE (JPN) 60.97m
(4) Gabrielle NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 60.23m

The first three Australian athletes (as well as first three overall) are in the respective columns.
Rank in brackets ( ) indicate the overall rank of the Australian athlete where that athlete was beaten into that place by an international.


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