Australian Aths History

Australian Open Track & Field Championships

Pentathlon - Women

Year   First    Second    Third
1955-56    Norma ROSE (Vic) 2823pts
1957-58    Marlene MIDDLEMISS (Vic) 4088pts
1958-59    Helen FRITH (NSW) 4250pts Pam RYAN (Kilborn) (Vic) 4039pts Nancy BORWICK (WA) 4023pts
1961-62    Helen FRITH (NSW) 4431pts Eva KAMPE (WA) 4369pts Janet KNEE (NSW) 4059pts
1962-63    Pam RYAN (Kilborn) (Vic) 4425pts Helen FRITH (NSW) 4378pts Janet KNEE (NSW) 4067pts
1963-64    Helen FRITH (NSW) 4767pts Janet RILEY (SA) 4218pts Janet KNEE (NSW) 4213pts
1964-65    Helen FRITH (NSW) 4677pts Jan CARROLL (WA) 4455pts Janet RILEY (SA) 4207pts
1965-66    Helen FRITH (NSW) 4585pts Jan CARROLL (WA) 4112pts Janet RILEY (SA) 4027pts
1966-67    Pam RYAN (Kilborn) (Vic) Janet RILEY (SA) Carolyn LEWIS (Wright) (NSW)
1967-68    Pam RYAN (Kilborn) (Vic) 4643pts Diane PEASE (NSW) 4354pts Janet RILEY (SA) 4267pts
1968-69    Jeanette TANDY (Knee) (NSW) 4467pts Diane PEASE (NSW) 4421pts Carolyn LEWIS (Wright) (NSW) 4200pts
1969-70    Jeanette TANDY (Knee) (NSW) 4484pts Penny GILLIES (McCallum) (NSW) 4443pts Carolyn LEWIS (Wright) (NSW) 4191pts
1970-71    Diane PEASE (NSW) 4383pts Jean ARNOLD (White) (SA) 4229pts Peta SMITH (NSW) 4066pts
1971-72    Lyn JACENKO (Tillett) (NSW) 4283pts Erica HOOKER (Nixon) (Qld) 3921pts Carolyn LEWIS (Wright) (NSW) 3776pts
1972-73    Erica HOOKER (Nixon) (Qld) 3716pts Susan NEW (NSW) 3676pts Carolyn LEWIS (Wright) (NSW) 3488pts
1973-74    Erica HOOKER (Nixon) (Qld) 3871pts Sue KUEFFER (Scott) (Vic) 3834pts Susan NEW (NSW) 3769pts
1974-75    Erica HOOKER (Nixon) (Qld) 3941pts Sue KUEFFER (Scott) (Vic) 3833pts Linda GARDEN (Parr) (NSW) 3795pts
1975-76    Erica HOOKER (Nixon) (Qld) 4135pts Sue KUEFFER (Scott) (Vic) 4091pts Daniele GUYONNET (TAH) 3977pts
(4) Susan NEW (NSW) 3835pts
1976-77    Erica HOOKER (Nixon) (Qld) 4169pts Linda GARDEN (Parr) (NSW) 3913pts Sue KUEFFER (Scott) (Vic) 3772pts
1977-78    Glynis CEARNS (Saunders/Nunn) (Qld) 3968pts Sue KUEFFER (Scott) (Vic) 3895pts Linda GARDEN (Parr) (NSW) 3672pts
1978-79    Margaret HAMLEY (NSW) 4165pts Sue KUEFFER (Scott) (Vic) 4133pts Anne BERRY (NSW) 3758pts
1979-80    Glynis CEARNS (Saunders/Nunn) (Qld) 4251pts Terri GENGE (Yaxley) (NZL) 4096pts
(3) Margaret HAMLEY (NSW) 4042pts

(4) Chris STANTON (Annison) (WA) 3984pts

The first three Australian athletes (as well as first three overall) are in the respective columns.
Rank in brackets ( ) indicate the overall rank of the Australian athlete where that athlete was beaten into that place by an international.


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