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Australian Open Track & Field Championships

Heptathlon - Women

Year   First    Second    Third
1980-81    Glynis CEARNS (Saunders/Nunn) (Qld) 5554pts Jocelyn MILLAR-CUBIT (Millar) (Tas) 5289pts Wendy DE VROOM (Smart) (NSW) 5087pts
1981-82    Glynis CEARNS (Saunders/Nunn) (Qld) 5843pts Jocelyn MILLAR-CUBIT (Millar) (Tas) 5555pts Katie ACKERMAN (Harders) (Qld) 5402pts
1982-83    Terri GENGE (Yaxley) (NZL) 5832pts
(2) Jocelyn MILLAR-CUBIT (Millar) (Tas) 5832pts

(3) Chris STANTON (Annison) (WA) 5589pts

(4) Margaret HAMLEY (NSW) 5333pts
1983-84    Glynis CEARNS (Saunders/Nunn) (Qld) 6273pts Jocelyn MILLAR-CUBIT (Millar) (Tas) 5753pts Lesley RICHARDS (NSW) 5599pts
1984-85    Jocelyn MILLAR-CUBIT (Millar) (Tas) 5941pts Ann TURNBULL (Divito) (SA) 5800pts Chris STANTON (Annison) (WA) 5752pts
1985-86    Jane FLEMMING (Vic) 5882pts Jocelyn MILLAR-CUBIT (Millar) (Tas) 5658pts Sharon JAKLOFSKY-SMITH (Qld) 5479pts
1986-87    Jane FLEMMING (Vic) 6390pts Jocelyn MILLAR-CUBIT (Millar) (Tas) 5876pts Georgina HALE (Vic) 4998pts
1987-88    Jane FLEMMING (Vic) 6166pts Jocelyn MILLAR-CUBIT (Millar) (Tas) 5655pts Wendy DE VROOM (Smart) (NSW) 4097pts
1988-89    Sharon JAKLOFSKY-SMITH (Qld) 5565pts Janet SCOTT (CAN) 5212pts
(3) Kylie COOMBE (Vic) 5164pts

(4) Katie ACKERMAN (Harders) (Qld) 5127pts
1989-90    Katie ACKERMAN (Harders) (Qld) 5539pts Leisa PROCTOR (Bruce) (Qld) 5063pts Lara ASINARI (SA) 4666pts
1990-91    Leisa PROCTOR (Bruce) (Qld) 5164pts Lara ASINARI (SA) 4929pts Judith PARSONS (SA) 4861pts
1991-92    Kylie COOMBE (Vic) 5661pts Leisa PROCTOR (Bruce) (Qld) 5421pts Fiona FEWTRELL (NSW) 5171pts
1992-93    Jane FLEMMING (Vic) 6278pts Theresa MARTIN (Qld) 5355pts Leisa PROCTOR (Bruce) (Qld) 5273pts
1993-94    Jane FLEMMING (Vic) 6010pts Kylie COOMBE (Vic) 5599pts Theresa MARTIN (Qld) 4984pts
1994-95    Jane JAMIESON (NSW) 5840pts Theresa MARTIN (Qld) 4899pts Megan MINEHANE (Qld) 4650pts
1995-96    Jane JAMIESON (NSW) 5823pts Sherryl MORROW (Vic) 5002pts Virginia YOUNG (NSW) 4872pts
1996-97    Clare THOMPSON (Qld) 5534pts Sherryl MORROW (Vic) 5229pts Theresa MARTIN (Qld) 5044pts
1997-98    Jane JAMIESON (NSW) 5943pts Simone PURVIS (Vic) 5060pts Lisa KOVACS (SA) 4767pts
1998-99    Sherryl MORROW (Vic) 5722pts Clare THOMPSON (Qld) 5464pts Virginia YOUNG (NSW) 5090pts
1999-00    Sherryl MORROW (Vic) 5817pts Clare THOMPSON (Qld) 5751pts Virginia YOUNG (NSW) 5199pts
2000-01    Jane JAMIESON (NSW) 6070pts Mandy HEATH (SA) 5672pts Clare THOMPSON (Qld) 5570pts
2001-02    Clare THOMPSON (Qld) 5804pts Kylie WHEELER (WA) 5698pts Mandy HEATH (SA) 5555pts
2002-03    Kylie WHEELER (WA) 5838pts Mandy HEATH (SA) 4991pts Danielle SENIOR (NSW) 4903pts
2003-04    Kylie WHEELER (WA) 5790pts Gillian RAGUS (WA) 5502pts Lauren FOOTE (SA) 5093pts
2004-05    Kylie WHEELER (WA) 5974pts Gillian RAGUS (WA) 5531pts Rebecca WARDELL (NZL) 5383pts
(4) Lauren FOOTE (SA) 5112pts
2005-06    Kylie WHEELER (WA) 6031pts Jane JAMIESON (NSW) 5863pts Gillian RAGUS (WA) 5595pts
2006-07    Kylie WHEELER (WA) 6044pts Sarah COWLEY (NZL) 5547pts
(3) Lauren FOOTE (SA) 5345pts

(4) Theodora SPATHIS (Vic) 5200pts
2007-08    Kylie WHEELER (WA) 6087pts Rebecca WARDELL (NZL) 5700pts
(4) Theodora SPATHIS (Vic) 5112pts
Sarah COWLEY (NZL) 5483pts
(5) Jessica FISHER (NSW) 5027pts
2008-09    Lauren FOOTE (SA) 5697pts Sarah COWLEY (NZL) 5609pts
(3) Rebecca ROBINSON (Qld) 5136pts

(4) Jessica FISHER (NSW) 4883pts
2009-10    Rebecca ROBINSON (Qld) 5234pts Shayleigh GOULD (Qld) 5026pts Larna DIECKMANN (Qld) 4843pts
2010-11    Lauren FOOTE (SA) 5,539pts Ashleigh HAMILTON (Vic) 5,061pts Lauren BALE (Qld) 4,967pts
2011-12    Megan WHEATLEY (WA) 5832pts Ellinore HALLIN (SWE) 5756pts
(3) Veronica TORR (Qld/NZL) 5590pts

(4) Ashleigh HAMILTON (Vic) 5311pts
2012-13    Portia BING (NZL) 5591pts
(2) Ashleigh HAMILTON (Vic) 5369pts

(3) Theodora SPATHIS (Vic) 5240pts

(4) Sarah WOOD (Qld) 5224pts
2013-14    Sophie STANWELL (NSW) 5621pts Portia BING (NZL) 5504pts
(3) Ashleigh HAMILTON (Vic) 5347pts

(4) Lauren FOOTE (SA) 5150pts
2014-15    Veronica TORR (Qld/NZL) 5665pts
(2) Ashleigh HAMILTON (Vic) 5295pts

(4) Alysha BURNETT (NSW) 5163pts
Portia BING (NZL) 5181pts
(5) Ella SOLIN (WA) 5074pts
2015-16    Sophie STANWELL (NSW) 5572pts Kiara REDDINGIUS (WA) 5490pts Casidhe SIMMONS (Qld) 5428pts
2016-17    Alysha BURNETT (NSW) 5817pts Portia BING (NZL) 5752pts
(3) Kiara REDDINGIUS (WA) 5382pts

(4) Kobi NICHOLS (WA) 5109pts

The first three Australian athletes (as well as first three overall) are in the respective columns.
Rank in brackets ( ) indicate the overall rank of the Australian athlete where that athlete was beaten into that place by an international.


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