Australian Aths History

Australian U23 Track & Field Championships

Javelin Throw - Men

Year   First    Second    Third
2004-05    Dominic GEEVES (Qld) 70.30m Benjamin BAKER (NSW) 69.41m Johan SMALBERGER (NZL) 65.56m
(4) Jari TALKA (ACT) 63.67m
2005-06    Johan SMALBERGER (NZL) 63.28m
(2) Amila PERERA (Vic) 53.91m

(3) Alan SPERLING (SA) 52.97m
2006-07    Phillip TRACEY (NSW) 51.56m
2007-08    Leslie COPELAND (FIJ) 72.78m
(2) Nathan BURGESS (Vic) 66.69m

(3) Mark SHEEHAN (WA) 60.71m

(4) Shane CARSTAIRS (NSW) 48.68m
2008-09    Matthew OUTZEN (NSW) 70.43m Tom HALL (Qld) 62.24m Shane CARSTAIRS (NSW) 51.44m

The first three Australian athletes (as well as first three overall) are in the respective columns.
Rank in brackets ( ) indicate the overall rank of the Australian athlete where that athlete was beaten into that place by an international.


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