Australian Aths History

Australian Open Track & Field Championships

Discus Throw - Men

Year   First    Second    Third
1921-22    A WEST (Vic) 107'4"(32.72m) Alfred REID (NSW) 94'9"(28.87m) Leslie ROUSE (Vic) 90'5"(27.56m)
1923-24    Patrick MUNRO (NZL) 132'6"(40.38m)
(2) William PAYNE (NSW) 114'6"(34.90m)

(4) Nick WINTER (NSW) (30.22m)
Jack MCHOLM (NZL) 113'3"(34.52m)
1925-26    Roy THOMSON (NSW) 112'8½"(34.35m) George LEWIS (Qld) (32.18m) Eino KESKINEN (Qld) (30.73m)
1927-28    Patrick MUNRO (NZL) 125'8½"(38.31m)
(3) Alex MCINTOSH (Vic) 116'10"(35.62m)
Leonard HUNT (NZL) 120'4"(36.68m)
1929-30    Joe WATSON (Vic) 124'10½"(38.06m) Martin SAAR (NSW) 122'2"(37.23m) Eric EDDY (Vic) 110'10"(33.78m)
1931-32    John WALLACE (Vic) 140'11"(42.96m) Tom PAULING (NSW) 125'3"(38.18m) Martin SAAR (NSW) 125'2"(38.16m)
1933-34    William MACKENZIE (NSW) 126'7"(38.58m) Thomas CALLINAN (SA) 124'5"(37.92m) Robin UPPMAN (Qld) 113'2½"(34.51m)
1935-36    Harry WILSON (Vic) 129'4¼"(39.43m) William MACKENZIE (NSW) 118'4½"(36.09m) Albert BRUGGEMAN (SA) 108'6"(33.08m)
1937-38    Keith PARDON (NSW) 129'0"(39.31m) William MACKENZIE (NSW) Clive O'NEILL (Qld)
1946-47    Keith PARDON (NSW) 138'3"(42.14m) Ian REED (Vic) 130'8"(39.82m) Trevor EVANS (Vic) 127'0"(38.72m)
1947-48    Ian REED (Vic) 142'9"(43.52m) Zuonko MARIAN (WA) 139'9"(42.60m) Keith PARDON (NSW) 137'9"(41.98m)
1948-49    Ian REED (Vic) 143'3"(43.68m) Zuonko MARIAN (WA) 133'1"(40.56m) Trevor EVANS (Vic) 126'4½"(38.53m)
1949-50    Ian REED (Vic) 149'5"(45.54m) Kenneth DONALD (NSW) 131'11"(40.20m) Zuonko MARIAN (WA) 127'6"(38.88m)
1950-51    Keith PARDON (NSW) 130'0"(39.62m) Trevor EVANS (Vic) 129'2"(39.38m) Janis RATAS (Vic) 128'7"(39.20m)
1951-52    Keith PARDON (NSW) 143'0"(43.59m) Anthony KENK (NSW) 132'0½"(40.25m) Reginald CARR (Vic) 129'3½"(39.41m)
1952-53    Keith PARDON (NSW) 143'6½"(43.75m) Donald KIDD (WA) 137'11"(42.04m) Zuonko MARIAN (WA) 137'3"(41.83m)
1953-54    Ian REED (Vic) 140'10"(46.93m) Keith PARDON (NSW) 129'6"(39.47m) Anthony KENK (NSW) 128'9"(39.24m)
1954-55    Anthony KENK (NSW) 132'10"(40.49m) Reginald CARR (Vic) 129'11½"(39.61m) Keith PARDON (NSW) 129'0"(39.32m)
1955-56    Charles RANN (Vic) 133'11½"(40.83m) Vesmonis BALODIS (Vic) 130'11½"(39.92m) Richard PROBERT (NSW) 129'4"(39.42m)
1956-57    Vesmonis BALODIS (Vic) 148'5"(45.24m) Neil HAMPEL (SA) 133'5½"(40.68m) Charles RANN (Vic) 132'3"(40.31m)
1957-58    Vesmonis BALODIS (Vic) 151'6"(46.18m) Richard PROBERT (NSW) 141'8"(43.18m) Peter STRANG (Vic) 128'9"(39.24m)
1958-59    Vesmonis BALODIS (Vic) 158'0"(48.16m) Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 145'10"(44.45m) Harry MITSILIAS (Vic) 133'5½"(40.68m)
1959-60    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 163'9"(49.91m) Vesmonis BALODIS (Vic) 159'8½"(48.68m) Len VLAHOV (WA) 136'6½"(41.62m)
1960-61    Harry MITSILIAS (Vic) 147'11"(45.08m) Len VLAHOV (WA) 144'2½"(43.95m) Barrie TUCKER (SA) 142'4½"(43.40m)
1961-62    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 172'7"(52.60m) Len VLAHOV (WA) 164'3"(50.06m) Harry MITSILIAS (Vic) 154'0"(46.94m)
1962-63    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 160'9"(49.00m) Len VLAHOV (WA) 157'10"(48.11m) Peter MISKOV (Vic) 153'4½"(46.75m)
1963-64    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 179'9½"(54.80m) Len VLAHOV (WA) 166'7"(50.77m) Alan WAUGH (Vic) 154'11"(47.22m)
1964-65    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 167'2"(50.95m) Merv KEMP (SA) 147'7½"(45.00m) Barrie TUCKER (SA) 146'7½"(44.69m)
1965-66    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 54.14m Len VLAHOV (WA) 49.32m John SHELDRICK (WA) 47.87m
1966-67    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 58.90m Ernst ALDER (Vic) 48.85m Merv KEMP (SA) 46.23m
1967-68    Jay SILVESTER (USA) 60.09m
(3) Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 49.86m
Robin TAIT (NZL) 56.69m
(4) Ernst ALDER (Vic) 48.33m

(5) Peter CLARK (Vic) 46.45m
1968-69    Len VLAHOV (WA) 53.08m Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 52.54m Peter CLARK (Vic) 46.66m
1969-70    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 54.24m Len VLAHOV (WA) 53.76m Merv KEMP (SA) 49.54m
1970-71    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 52.02m Len VLAHOV (WA) 48.28m Ron LUNT (NSW) 47.04m
1971-72    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 52.12m Len VLAHOV (WA) 50.62m Zenon GRZES (Qld) 45.06m
1972-73    Warwick SELVEY (NSW) 52.08m Ron LUNT (NSW) 50.58m Len VLAHOV (WA) 50.52m
1973-74    Dick PRIMAN (Qld) 48.04m Len VLAHOV (WA) 47.90m Ron LUNT (NSW) 47.52m
1974-75    Len VLAHOV (WA) 49.26m Merv KEMP (SA) 49.08m Dick PRIMAN (Qld) 48.62m
1976-77    Dick PRIMAN (Qld) 51.22m Wayne MARTIN (NSW) 50.56m Merv KEMP (SA) 48.74m
1977-78    Wayne MARTIN (NSW) 54.56m Dick PRIMAN (Qld) 52.70m Rudy VILLANI (Vic) 51.82m
1978-79    James HOWARD (USA) 53.96m
(2) Phil NETTLE (SA) 52.62m

(3) Dick PRIMAN (Qld) 48.92m

(4) Bob WILKS (Vic) 48.64m
1979-80    Phil NETTLE (SA) 57.68m Wayne MARTIN (NSW) 52.30m Dick PRIMAN (Qld) 52.20m
1980-81    Phil NETTLE (SA) 53.98m Dick PRIMAN (Qld) 52.42m Paul NANDAPI (Vic) 49.90m
1981-82    Vlad SLAVNIC (Vic) 56.88m Dick PRIMAN (Qld) 51.14m Richard BROWN (WA) 49.38m
1982-83    Paul NANDAPI (Vic) 56.36m Vlad SLAVNIC (Vic) 55.02m Dick PRIMAN (Qld) 54.06m
1983-84    Paul NANDAPI (Vic) 56.50m Dick PRIMAN (Qld) 51.74m Sam HAYS (NSW) 49.06m
1984-85    Paul NANDAPI (Vic) 61.16m Vlad SLAVNIC (Vic) 55.42m Werner REITERER (Vic) 52.84m
1985-86    Paul NANDAPI (Vic) 61.28m Vlad SLAVNIC (Vic) 58.56m Werner REITERER (Vic) 56.04m
1986-87    Paul NANDAPI (Vic) 59.86m Werner REITERER (Vic) 58.18m Ben LAIDLER (WA) 53.58m
1987-88    Werner REITERER (Vic) 62.48m Paul NANDAPI (Vic) 55.14m Vlad SLAVNIC (Vic) 53.28m
1988-89    Werner REITERER (Vic) 61.64m Paul NANDAPI (Vic) 59.40m Joe QUIGLEY (Vic) 54.34m
1989-90    Werner REITERER (Vic) 60.24m Paul NANDAPI (Vic) 59.04m Vlad SLAVNIC (Vic) 54.10m
1990-91    Werner REITERER (Vic) 58.94m John HANCY (WA) 57.24m Peter LONSDALE (Qld) 53.76m
1991-92    Werner REITERER (Vic) 60.72m John HANCY (WA) 56.70m Peter LONSDALE (Qld) 52.86m
1992-93    Werner REITERER (Vic) 60.16m Richard FEJER (Vic) 52.98m Mark HENDERSON (Qld) 52.96m
1993-94    Werner REITERER (Vic) 59.14m Peter LONSDALE (Qld) 53.66m Benjamin JAANISTE (NSW) 52.94m
1994-95    Werner REITERER (Vic) 58.22m Randal HUMICH (WA) 48.36m Benjamin JAANISTE (NSW) 48.32m
1995-96    Justin ANLEZARK (Qld) 53.92m Peter LONSDALE (Qld) 53.56m Christopher MENE (NZL) 53.32m
(4) Gerard DUFFY (Qld) 52.16m
1996-97    Gerard DUFFY (Qld) 52.18m Benjamin JAANISTE (NSW) 52.06m Peter LONSDALE (Qld) 51.66m
1997-98    Ian WINCHESTER (NZL) 58.77m
(2) Gerard DUFFY (Qld) 53.08m

(3) Chris GAVIGLIO (Qld) 51.02m

(4) Scott YOUNG (Vic) 50.40m
1998-99    Gerard DUFFY (Qld) 53.32m Peter ELVY (NSW) 52.71m Yohan AMERASEKERA (Vic) 51.81m
1999-00    Ian WINCHESTER (NZL) 58.66m
(2) Chris GAVIGLIO (Qld) 55.52m

(3) Aaron NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 53.44m

(4) Matthew BROWN (Vic) 51.51m
2000-01    Aaron NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 55.71m Graham HICKS (Tas) 55.10m Peter ELVY (NSW) 54.38m
2001-02    Peter ELVY (NSW) 57.75m Chris GAVIGLIO (Qld) 56.23m Benn HARRADINE (NSW) 56.17m
2002-03    Peter ELVY (NSW) 58.42m Scott MARTIN (Vic) 56.99m Benn HARRADINE (NSW) 55.25m
2003-04    Scott MARTIN (Vic) 59.40m Graham HICKS (Tas) 58.68m Bertrand VILI (FRA) 57.62m
(4) Aaron NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 57.29m
2004-05    Scott MARTIN (Vic) 59.20m Graham HICKS (Tas) 57.99m Tim DRIESEN (Vic) 57.55m
2005-06    Scott MARTIN (Vic) 62.08m Benn HARRADINE (NSW) 60.12m Aaron NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 59.14m
2006-07    Benn HARRADINE (NSW) 60.89m Aaron NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 58.82m Graham HICKS (Tas) 56.86m
2007-08    Benn HARRADINE (NSW) 62.37m Peter ELVY (NSW) 58.92m Aaron NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 57.35m
2008-09    Bertrand VILI (FRA) 61.81m
(2) Scott MARTIN (Vic) 59.10m

(3) Aaron NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 55.98m

(5) Dale STEVENSON (Vic) 55.01m
2009-10    Benn HARRADINE (NSW) 62.26m Scott MARTIN (Vic) 60.25m Julian WRUCK (Qld) 57.48m
2010-11    Benn HARRADINE (NSW) 63.15m Robert MELIN (SA) 52.96m Graham HICKS (Tas) 52.51m
2011-12    Benn HARRADINE (NSW) 63.58m Scott MARTIN (Vic) 59.41m Aaron NEIGHBOUR (Vic) 56.64m
2012-13    Julian WRUCK (Qld) 66.32m Matthew DENNY (Qld) 56.91m Robert MELIN (SA) 55.58m
2013-14    Benn HARRADINE (NSW) 62.23m Shane LOVERIDGE (NSW) 55.26m Marshall HALL (NZL) 54.32m
(4) Liam SPEERS (NSW) 53.78m
2014-15    Julian WRUCK (Qld) 62.03m Matthew DENNY (Qld) 58.16m Matt STOPEL (Qld) 57.55m
2015-16    Matthew DENNY (Qld) 60.47m Alex ROSE (SAM) 60.24m
(3) Julian WRUCK (Qld) 58.74m

(8) Michael VASSILOPOULOS (Vic) 51.36m
2016-17    Julian WRUCK (Qld) 61.56m Matthew DENNY (Qld) 61.28m Yuji TSUTSUMI (JPN) 56.45m
(6) Courtney HEINZE (WA) 51.76m

The first three Australian athletes (as well as first three overall) are in the respective columns.
Rank in brackets ( ) indicate the overall rank of the Australian athlete where that athlete was beaten into that place by an international.


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