Australian Aths History

Australian Open Track & Field Championships

Hammer Throw - Men

Year   First    Second    Third
1893-94    Tim O'CONNOR (NZL) 86'8"(26.42m)
(3) Albert THURGOOD (Vic) 69'7½"(21.22m)
W MOIR (NZL) 70'6"(21.49m)
1895-96    R MARTIN (NZL) 104'8"(31.90m) P BROWN (NZL) 100'1"(30.50m) Charles LOUISSON (NZL)
1897-98    J MILWARD (NSW) 96'6"(29.42m) Pat MAHER (Vic) 90'3"(27.50m) E CAHILL (NSW) 87'0"(26.51m)
1899-00    W MADILL (NZL) 130'2"(39.68m)
(2) Bill O'REILLY (NSW) 127'1"(38.74m)

(3) George HAWKES (Qld) 123'5½"(37.63m)

(4) Charles FREESTONE (Qld) 108'5½"(33.06m)
1901-02    Bill O'REILLY (NSW) 129'6½"(39.49m)
1903-04    Bill O'REILLY (NSW) 130'1"(39.65m) William ROUSE (Vic) 84'3"(25.60m) Patrick ENGLISH (NSW) 81'0"(24.69m)
1905-06    Bill O'REILLY (NSW) 135'3"(41.22m) Pat CAREW (NSW) 92'6"(28.20m)
1907-08    Jack KEARNEY (Qld) 125'7"(38.28m) Bill O'REILLY (NSW) 124'8½"(38.01m) Tim FRAWLEY (Qld) 102'11"(31.38m)
1909-10    Bill O'REILLY (NSW) 130'1"(39.64m) Francis MORGAN (NSW) 127'10"(38.96m) Dan MCGRATH (Qld) 120'0"(36.57m)
1911-12    Dan MCGRATH (Qld) 129'0"(39.31m) Jack MCHOLM (NZL) (38.57m) Alfred BISSETT (NZL) (37.55m)
1913-14    Jack MCHOLM (NZL) 138'0"(42.06m)
(2) Bill O'REILLY (NSW) (39.90m)

(3) Dan MCGRATH (Qld) (39.60m)
1919-20    Jack MCHOLM (NZL) 130'9"(39.86m)
(3) Carl FERGUSON (NSW) 112'2"(34.18m)
Patrick MUNRO (NZL) 116'7"(35.54m)
(4) Roy THOMPSON (NSW) 76'9"(23.40m)
1921-22    Leslie ROUSE (Vic) 120'10"(36.84m) A OLSSON (SA) 80'9"(24.61m) S WILLIAMSON (SA) (21.94m)
1923-24    Jack MCHOLM (NZL) 131'2"(39.98m)
(2) Tom DODDS (Vic) 109'9"(33.46m)
1925-26    William HARVEY (NZL) 143'6"(43.73m)
(2) Roy THOMSON (NSW) (39.01m)

(3) Matthew O'BRIEN (Qld) (34.86m)
1927-28    William HARVEY (NZL) 143'2"(43.63m) Jack MCHOLM (NZL) 141'2"(43.02m) James LECKIE (NZL) 128'7"(39.19m)
1933-34    Myer ROSENBLUM (NSW) 142'0½"(43.29m) Pat MCNAMARA (Qld) 120'0½"(36.59m) Matthew O'BRIEN (Qld) 110'1"(33.56m)
1935-36    Myer ROSENBLUM (NSW) 133'1½"(40.58m) Harry WILSON (Vic) 90'6"(27.58m) William MACKENZIE (NSW) 86'5"(26.34m)
1937-38    Keith PARDON (NSW) 145'2"(44.26m) Pat MCNAMARA (Qld) 130'11"(39.90m) Keith ALLEN (WA) 121'11"(37.16m)
1946-47    Keith ALLEN (WA) 156'10"(47.81m) Keith PARDON (NSW) 154'9"(47.19m) Leonard EDWARDS (WA) 122'3½"(37.27m)
1947-48    Keith ALLEN (WA) 145'0"(44.46m) Keith PARDON (NSW) 141'0"(42.98m) Leonard EDWARDS (WA) 139'5"(42.50m)
1948-49    Keith ALLEN (WA) 149'4½"(45.55m) Keith PARDON (NSW) 147'1"(44.84m) Herb BARKER (NSW) 136'0"(41.46m)
1949-50    Keith PARDON (NSW) 153'0"(46.65m) Keith ALLEN (WA) 142'2"(43.34m) Herb BARKER (NSW) 140'5"(42.80m)
1950-51    Keith PARDON (NSW) 155'6"(47.41m) Neville GADSDEN (NSW) 146'9"(44.74m) Tom MULLINS (NSW) 146'4"(44.60m)
1951-52    Keith PARDON (NSW) 162'5½"(49.52m) Tom MULLINS (NSW) 156'4"(47.65m) Lloyd HADFIELD (SA) 155'1½"(47.28m)
1952-53    Keith PARDON (NSW) 156'9"(47.78m) Tom MULLINS (NSW) 156'6"(47.70m) Neville GADSDEN (NSW) 150'11½"(46.01m)
1953-54    Tom MULLINS (NSW) 160'0"(48.77m) Neville GADSDEN (NSW) 153'10½"(46.90m) Keith PARDON (NSW) 153'5"(46.76m)
1954-55    Keith PARDON (NSW) 159'6"(48.62m) Neville GADSDEN (NSW) 154'3"(47.02m) Lloyd HADFIELD (SA) 152'10"(46.58m)
1955-56    Herb BARKER (NSW) 156'10"(47.80m) Lloyd HADFIELD (SA) 154'11½"(47.23m) Martin CROWE (WA) 150'8½"(45.94m)
1956-57    Charles MORRIS (NSW) 160'2"(48.82m) Warwick DIXON (GBR) 159'7½"(48.65m)
(3) Martin CROWE (WA) 155'9"(47.47m)

(4) Neville GADSDEN (NSW) 151'9½"(46.27m)
1957-58    Charles MORRIS (NSW) 171'7"(52.30m) Martin CROWE (WA) 165'3"(50.37m) William O'CONNOR (Vic) 162'6"(49.53m)
1958-59    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 192'11¼"(58.81m) Charles MORRIS (NSW) 181'2½"(55.23m) Bob BROWN (Qld) 174'3½"(53.12m)
1959-60    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 188'4"(57.40m) Bob BROWN (Qld) 179'10"(54.81m) Martin CROWE (WA) 167'10"(51.16m)
1960-61    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 192'8½"(58.74m) Martin CROWE (WA) 163'4½"(49.80m) John FRAWLEY (Qld) 162'9"(49.61m)
1961-62    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 190'10½"(58.18m) Tom MULLINS (NSW) 175'11"(53.62m) Mike EDWARDS (Vic) 168'0½"(51.22m)
1962-63    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 191'10½"(58.48m) Bob BROWN (Qld) 177'10½"(54.22m) Mike EDWARDS (Vic) 170'11½"(52.11m)
1963-64    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 196'5"(58.87m) Tom MULLINS (NSW) 181'10"(54.42m) Mike EDWARDS (Vic) 169'5"(51.64m)
1964-65    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 194'1"(59.16m) Tom MULLINS (NSW) 182'8¾"(55.69m) Albert MAGASSY (NSW) 170'3"(51.89m)
1965-66    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 60.72m Mike EDWARDS (Vic) 51.64m Nick REGOS (Vic) 49.78m
1966-67    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 59.92m Mike EDWARDS (Vic) 53.71m Nick REGOS (Vic) 52.01m
1967-68    Walter GROB (Vic) 60.27m Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 60.20m Tom MULLINS (NSW) 53.72m
1968-69    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 65.02m Tom MULLINS (NSW) 52.14m Ron FRAWLEY (Qld) 51.82m
1969-70    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 59.36m Ron FRAWLEY (Qld) 56.86m Graham BRADEN (Vic) 53.14m
1970-71    Ron FRAWLEY (Qld) 56.56m Peter FARMER (NSW) 56.48m Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 55.30m
1971-72    Ron FRAWLEY (Qld) 59.18m Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 55.42m Graham BRADEN (Vic) 52.16m
1972-73    Dick LEFFLER (Vic) 56.72m Tom MULLINS (NSW) 54.82m Graham BRADEN (Vic) 52.44m
1973-74    Gus PUOPOLO (Vic) 58.16m Tom MULLINS (NSW) 53.38m Wal JACENKO (NSW) 53.14m
1974-75    Gus PUOPOLO (Vic) 57.24m Wal JACENKO (NSW) 55.26m Graham BRANDEN (Vic) 51.14m
1975-76    Gus PUOPOLO (Vic) 62.26m Loris BERTOLACCI (Vic) 55.56m Greg FARMER (NSW) 55.34m
1976-77    Gus PUOPOLO (Vic) 60.80m Milorad BODIROZA (NSW) 57.82m Wal JACENKO (NSW) 56.82m
1977-78    Gus PUOPOLO (Vic) 61.54m Loris BERTOLACCI (Vic) 58.98m Wal JACENKO (NSW) 55.62m
1978-79    Gus PUOPOLO (Vic) 63.16m Andy POLLOCK (Vic) 59.50m Loris BERTOLACCI (Vic) 57.82m
1979-80    Loris BERTOLACCI (Vic) 63.08m Andy POLLOCK (Vic) 62.06m Gus PUOPOLO (Vic) 61.40m
1980-81    Hans LOTZ (Vic) 67.92m
(2) Gus PUOPOLO (Vic) 63.40m

(3) Andy POLLOCK (Vic) 62.50m

(4) Wal JACENKO (NSW) 59.40m
1981-82    Hans LOTZ (Vic) 67.50m Gus PUOPOLO (Vic) 64.66m Phil SPIVEY (Vic) 61.70m
1982-83    Hans LOTZ (Vic) 69.28m Phil SPIVEY (Vic) 60.74m Gus PUOPOLO (Vic) 57.94m
1983-84    Hans LOTZ (Vic) 66.86m Phil SPIVEY (Vic) 64.54m Eugene BRIA (SA) 61.60m
1984-85    Hans LOTZ (Vic) 70.02m Joe QUIGLEY (Vic) 65.90m Phil SPIVEY (Vic) 65.88m
1985-86    Joe QUIGLEY (Vic) 72.86m Phil SPIVEY (Vic) 69.86m Hans LOTZ (Vic) 68.18m
1986-87    Sean CARLIN (SA) 70.36m Joe QUIGLEY (Vic) 69.94m Phil SPIVEY (Vic) 67.88m
1987-88    Sean CARLIN (SA) 72.90m Joe QUIGLEY (Vic) 70.84m Craig WATSON (Tas) 63.64m
1988-89    Joe QUIGLEY (Vic) 71.22m Phil SPIVEY (Vic) 67.42m Sean CARLIN (SA) 67.24m
1989-90    Sean CARLIN (SA) 70.46m Phil SPIVEY (Vic) 64.96m Hans LOTZ (Vic) 63.38m
1990-91    Yuryi SEDYKH (URS) 77.92m
(2) Sean CARLIN (SA) 70.06m

(4) Paul CARLIN (SA) 62.58m
Angus COOPER (NZL) 67.60m
(5) Robert WAGNER (NSW) 62.16m
1991-92    Sean CARLIN (SA) 74.20m Peter BAXEVANIS (Vic) 68.76m Nobuhiro TOKOROKI (JPN) 66.44m
(4) Paul CARLIN (SA) 63.30m
1992-93    Sean CARLIN (SA) 74.74m Paul CARLIN (SA) 67.74m Matt DWIGHT (NSW) 61.42m
1993-94    Sean CARLIN (SA) 74.72m Paul CARLIN (SA) 65.96m Demetri DIONISOPOULOS (WA) 64.04m
1994-95    Sean CARLIN (SA) 70.28m Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 67.32m Paul CARLIN (SA) 65.60m
1995-96    Sean CARLIN (SA) 75.18m Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 72.32m Peter VIVIAN (GBR) 68.62m
(4) Paul CARLIN (SA) 68.30m
1996-97    Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 75.90m Demetri DIONISOPOULOS (WA) 64.82m Patrick HELLIER (NZL) 63.44m
(4) Paul CARLIN (SA) 62.74m
1997-98    Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 71.30m Patrick HELLIER (NZL) 66.55m
(3) Paul CARLIN (SA) 66.54m

(5) Justin MCDONALD (Tas) 62.81m
1998-99    Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 70.79m Justin MCDONALD (Tas) 64.25m Russell DEVINE (Vic) 62.04m
1999-00    Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 74.71m Wataru EBIHARA (JPN) 65.08m
(4) Justin MCDONALD (Tas) 62.93m
Zsolt NEMETH (HUN) 64.28m
(5) Wade HASTIE (Qld) 61.71m
2000-01    Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 77.76m Aaron FISH (Qld) 67.72m Russell DEVINE (Vic) 63.56m
2001-02    Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 78.80m Aaron FISH (Qld) 70.72m Justin MCDONALD (Tas) 64.06m
2002-03    Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 76.61m Darren BILLETT (SA) 65.09m Michael GUSBETH (Vic) 63.64m
2003-04    Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 77.40m Hiroaki DOI (JPN) 68.12m
(3) Darren BILLETT (SA) 63.29m

(4) Justin MCDONALD (Tas) 63.00m
2004-05    Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 74.35m Hiroaki DOI (JPN) 67.58m
(3) Darren BILLETT (SA) 64.21m

(4) Mark DICKSON (NSW) 63.54m
2005-06    Stuart RENDELL (ACT) 76.33m Darren BILLETT (SA) 66.32m Mark DICKSON (NSW) 65.85m
2006-07    Hiroaki DOI (JPN) 69.89m
(2) Pavlo MILINEVSKYY (Vic) 66.57m

(3) Darren BILLETT (SA) 66.09m

(4) Tim DRIESEN (Vic) 64.86m
2007-08    Hiroaki DOI (JPN) 68.70m
(2) Darren BILLETT (SA) 65.45m

(3) Mark DICKSON (NSW) 64.55m

(4) Simon WARDHAUGH (Qld) 63.23m
2008-09    Mark DICKSON (NSW) 64.71m Tim DRIESEN (Vic) 64.63m Darren BILLETT (SA) 64.35m
2009-10    Hiroaki DOI (JPN) 69.80m
(3) Simon WARDHAUGH (Qld) 69.37m
Hiroshi NOGUCHI (JPN) 69.46m
(4) Tim DRIESEN (Vic) 67.81m

(5) Mark DICKSON (NSW) 66.69m
2010-11    Tim DRIESEN (Vic) 68.63m Simon WARDHAUGH (Qld) 68.59m Mark DICKSON (NSW) 62.67m
2011-12    Tim DRIESEN (Vic) 70.55m Hiroshi NOGUCHI (JPN) 66.25m
(3) Huw PEACOCK (Tas) 61.85m

(4) William HIGGINS (NSW) 57.11m
2012-13    Tim DRIESEN (Vic) 69.68m Huw PEACOCK (Tas) 64.13m Matthew DENNY (Qld) 62.50m
2013-14    Tim DRIESEN (Vic) 67.16m Matthew DENNY (Qld) 65.13m Huw PEACOCK (Tas) 63.08m
2014-15    Matthew DENNY (Qld) 69.15m Hiroshi NOGUCHI (JPN) 65.57m
(3) Hamish PEACOCK (Tas) 63.49m

(5) Costa KOUSPARIS (NSW) 61.39m
2015-16    Matthew DENNY (Qld) 68.44m Huw PEACOCK (Tas) 66.64m Ned WEATHERLY (Vic) 64.34m
2016-17    Matthew DENNY (Qld) 73.37m Jack DALTON (Vic) 68.14m Huw PEACOCK (Tas) 64.94m

The first three Australian athletes (as well as first three overall) are in the respective columns.
Rank in brackets ( ) indicate the overall rank of the Australian athlete where that athlete was beaten into that place by an international.


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