Australian Aths History

Australian Open Track & Field Championships

Decathlon - Men

Year   First    Second    Third
1923-24    Denis DUIGAN (Vic) 6100.774pts William PAYNE (NSW) 5258.994pts Nick WINTER (NSW) 4176.293pts
1925-26    Max KROGER (Vic) 6306.766pts Charles SPICER (NSW) 5750.632pts Eino KESKINEN (Qld) 5746.001pts
1927-28    Eino KESKINEN (Qld) 6433.78pts Buz SUTHERLAND (NZL) 5942.60pts
(3) Arthur WALKER (NSW) 2881.12pts
1959-60    Patrick LEANE (Vic) 6531pts Nick BIRKS (SA) 6132pts John MONTGOMERY (WA) 6012pts
1960-61    Nick BIRKS (SA) 5908pts John O'NEILL (Vic) 5814pts John MONTGOMERY (WA) 5681pts
1961-62    Nick BIRKS (SA) 6333pts John O'NEILL (Vic) 6193pts Gregor NICOL (NSW) 5382pts
1962-63    Roy WILLIAMS (Vic) 6358pts John O'NEILL (Vic) 6013pts John HAMANN (SA) 5752pts
1963-64    Nick BIRKS (SA) 6315pts Jack SUMICH (WA) 6267pts John O'NEILL (Vic) 5911pts
1964-65    John O'NEILL (Vic) 6605pts Wayne ATHORNE (Vic) 6363pts John HAMANN (SA) 6222pts
1965-66    Wayne ATHORNE (Vic) 6765pts John HAMANN (SA) 6735pts Tom HOUGHTON (NSW) 6230pts
1966-67    John HAMANN (SA) 6906pts Geoff SMITH (NSW) 6857pts Robin FILDES (Vic) 6476pts
1967-68    Geoff SMITH (NSW) 7313pts John HAMANN (SA) 7272pts Robin FILDES (Vic) 6621pts
1968-69    Geoff SMITH (NSW) 7090pts Robin FILDES (Vic) 7037pts Ian ENGLISH (NSW) 6376pts
1969-70    Geoff SMITH (NSW) 7283pts Robin FILDES (Vic) 6986pts Ian ENGLISH (NSW) 6862pts
1970-71    Terry BEATON (SA) 6559pts Robbie GOFF (WA) 6420pts Terry KELLY (NSW) 6386pts
1971-72    Sam CARUTHERS (USA) 6995pts
(2) Robbie GOFF (WA) 6781pts

(3) David COLLINS (NSW) 6705pts

(4) Terry BEATON (SA) 6486pts
1972-73    Robbie GOFF (WA) 6558pts Geoff CHAMBERS (Vic) 6381pts Ian MURRAY (Tas) 6308pts
1973-74    Sanitesi LATU (Vic/TGA) 7139pts
(2) Terry BEATON (SA) 6734pts

(4) Clay TOMPKINS (NSW) 6605pts
Mene MENE (NZL) 6689pts
(5) Robbie GOFF (WA) 6568pts
1974-75    Rob LETHBRIDGE (Vic) 7204pts Peter HADFIELD (NSW) 6974pts Clay TOMPKINS (NSW) 6795pts
1975-76    Peter HADFIELD (NSW) 7268pts Sanitesi LATU (Vic/TGA) 7212pts Terry BEATON (SA) 7028pts
1976-77    Peter HADFIELD (NSW) 7043pts Clay TOMPKINS (NSW) 6752pts Craig CONSIDINE (Vic) 6567pts
1977-78    Sanitesi LATU (Vic/TGA) 6939pts Craig CONSIDINE (Vic) 6750pts Robbie GOFF (WA) 6569pts
1978-79    Peter HADFIELD (NSW) 7058pts Ian WILSON (WA) 6769pts Peter SUGDEN (Vic) 6732pts
1979-80    Peter HADFIELD (NSW) 7814pts Sanitesi LATU (Vic/TGA) 6754pts Michael MOL (Tas) 6687pts
1980-81    Peter HADFIELD (NSW) 7886pts Ian WILSON (WA) 6962pts John DE BES (WA) 6888pts
1981-82    Peter HADFIELD (NSW) 7432pts Peter DYER (NSW) 7291pts Chris NUNN (SA) 6889pts
1982-83    Peter HADFIELD (NSW) 7323pts Chris NUNN (SA) 7190pts Terry LOMAX (NZL) 6979pts
(4) Peter FOSSEY (Vic) 6967pts
1983-84    Peter HADFIELD (NSW) 7692pts Simon POELMAN (NZL) 7481pts
(3) Stuart ANDREWS (NSW) 7295pts

(5) Stephen BEWS (Vic) 7180pts
1984-85    Peter HADFIELD (NSW) 7614pts Simon POELMAN (NZL) 7498pts
(4) Simon SHIRLEY (Qld) 7321pts
John HUNT (NZL) 7374pts
(5) Stephen BEWS (Vic) 7179pts
1985-86    Simon SHIRLEY (Qld) 7438pts Peter FOSSEY (Vic) 7224pts Stephen BEWS (Vic) 7110pts
1986-87    Stuart ANDREWS (NSW) 7726pts Anthony HOUGH (NSW) 6977pts Stephen BEWS (Vic) 6909pts
1987-88    Simon SHIRLEY (Qld) 7814pts Stuart ANDREWS (NSW) 7488pts Dean SMITH (Qld) 7425pts
1988-89    Chris BRADSHAW (Vic) 7325pts Anthony HOUGH (NSW) 7258pts Stuart ANDREWS (NSW) 6911pts
1989-90    Paul SCOTT (Vic) 7414pts Chris BRADSHAW (Vic) 7233pts Grant NEWEY (NSW) 7034pts
1990-91    Paul SCOTT (Vic) 7912pts Anthony HOUGH (NSW) 7676pts Dean SMITH (Qld) 7570pts
1991-92    Dean SMITH (Qld) 7964pts Brendan TENNANT (Tammo) (NT) 7375pts Paul SCOTT (Vic) 7110pts
1992-93    Peter WINTER (Vic) 7600pts Brendan TENNANT (Tammo) (NT) 7459pts Paul JEFFREY (WA) 7433pts
1993-94    Dean SMITH (Qld) 7858pts Brendan TENNANT (Tammo) (NT) 7715pts Les KUORIKOSKI (Qld) 7301pts
1994-95    Les KUORIKOSKI (Qld) 7344pts Brendan TENNANT (Tammo) (NT) 7143pts Scott FERRIER (Vic) 7097pts
1995-96    Peter WINTER (Vic) 8084pts Scott FERRIER (Vic) 8037pts James FITZPATRICK (Tas) 7236pts
1996-97    Peter BANKS (NSW) 7915pts Matt MCEWEN (Qld) 7684pts Brendan TENNANT (Tammo) (NT) 7593pts
1997-98    Jagan HAMES (SA) 7868pts Les KUORIKOSKI (Qld) 7542pts Matt MCEWEN (Qld) 7126pts
1998-99    Scott FERRIER (Vic) 8056pts Jagan HAMES (SA) 7488pts Warren EVANS (Qld) 6869pts
1999-00    Klaus AMBROSCH (AUT) 7892pts
(2) Jagan HAMES (SA) 7720pts

(3) Matt MCEWEN (Qld) 7631pts

(4) Brendan TENNANT (Tammo) (NT) 7348pts
2000-01    Matt MCEWEN (Qld) 7825pts Ashley HOWLETT (Tas) 7054pts Matthew MCDOWALL (WA) 6840pts
2001-02    Scott FERRIER (Vic) 7888pts Matt MCEWEN (Qld) 7724pts Darrel MUZYCZKA (NSW) 7210pts
2002-03    Matt MCEWEN (Qld) 7724pts Darrel MUZYCZKA (NSW) 6952pts Scott MCLAREN (NZL) 6700pts
(4) Adrian FINCH (Tas) 6522pts
2003-04    Matt MCEWEN (Qld) 7600pts Jason DUDLEY (Qld) 7253pts Richard ALLAN (Qld) 7030pts
2004-05    Eric SURJAN (WA) 7621pts Matt MCEWEN (Qld) 7363pts Richard ALLAN (Qld) 7214pts
2005-06    Jason DUDLEY (Qld) 7895pts Richard ALLAN (Qld) 7549pts Matt MCEWEN (Qld) 7490pts
2006-07    Eric SURJAN (WA) 7706pts Jarrod SIMS (SA) 7556pts Kyle MCCARTHY (Qld) 7317pts
2007-08    Jason DUDLEY (Qld) 7783pts Kyle RASTI (Vic) 7444pts Kyle MCCARTHY (Qld) 7404pts
2008-09    Brent NEWDICK (NZL) 7618pts
(2) Stephen CAIN (Vic) 7137pts

(3) Aaron PAGE (Vic) 6415pts

(4) Daniel LAWTON (NSW) 6400pts
2009-10    Stephen CAIN (Vic) 7427pts Kyle MCCARTHY (Qld) 7331pts Cam CROWLEY (Qld) 6658pts
2010-11    Jarrod SIMS (SA) 7,500pts Stephen CAIN (Vic) 6,863pts Matthew HARRIS (NSW) 6,722pts
2011-12    Brent NEWDICK (NZL) 8057pts
(3) Jarrod SIMS (SA) 7456pts
Franck LOGEL (FRA) 7655pts
(4) Kyle MCCARTHY (Qld) 7155pts

(5) Courtney HEINZE (WA) 6669pts
2012-13    Scott MCLAREN (NZL) 7650pts
(3) Kyle MCCARTHY (Qld) 7391pts
Roger SKEDD (GBR) 7457pts
(5) Jarrod SIMS (SA) 7145pts

(6) Matthew HARRIS (NSW) 7028pts
2013-14    Jake STEIN (NSW) 7564pts Stephen CAIN (Vic) 7493pts Kyle CRANSTON (NSW) 7390pts
2014-15    David BROCK (Vic) 7733pts Kyle CRANSTON (NSW) 7629pts Brent NEWDICK (NZL) 7136pts
(5) Cam CROWLEY (Qld) 6930pts
2015-16    Cedric DUBLER (Qld) 8114pts Jake STEIN (NSW) 7643pts David BROCK (Vic) 7517pts
2016-17    Cedric DUBLER (Qld) 7779pts John LANE (Qld/GBR) 7362pts
(4) Alec DIAMOND (NSW) 6829pts
Aaron BOOTH (NZL) 7246pts
(6) Jarrod PAGEOT (Vic) 6605pts

The first three Australian athletes (as well as first three overall) are in the respective columns.
Rank in brackets ( ) indicate the overall rank of the Australian athlete where that athlete was beaten into that place by an international.


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